642. Common Flummery is merely water gruel flavoured, and eaten cold. Soak in cold water a pint of very fine white oatmeal; when it has steeped a day and a night, pour off the water quite clear. Then put upon the oatmeal three pints of fresh water, and let that stand also a day and a night; then strain it through a hair sieve, and boil it till it is as thick as hasty pudding, stirring it all the time; sweeten it with loaf-sugar, and put a spoonful of ratafia or noyeau, or a few drops of essence of lemon. Pour it into saucers or shallow dishes. It is eaten with sugar and cream, or wine, or cider.

643. Rice Flummery is ground rice thickened with milk, the same as for good rice pudding. In a pint of new milk, simmer three ounces of ground rice till it is become a very thick paste, sweeten it with loaf-sugar, flavour with ratafia or peach water, put it in a bason or a mould; when it is cold, turn it out. Sauce; half a pint of new milk, a glass of white wine, a large tea-cup full of cream, the juice of a small lemon, sweetened with loaf-sugar. Or you may pour round it cream or custard.