596. Newcastle Pudding

Butter half a melon mould, or quart basin, and stick all round with dried cherries, or fine raisins, fill up with bread and butter - and steam it half an hour.

597. Hasty Pudding

Boil a quart of new milk, cinnamon or bay leaves. While boiling, shake in from a flour dredger two table-spoonfuls of flour, and stir it until it thickens. Then pour it into a deep dish, stir in an ounce of butter, the same of moist sugar, and grate nutmeg over the top.

598. Arrow-Root Pudding

Arrow-root pudding is made in the same way as hasty pudding-, with the exception ot shaking the arrowroot in, which should be stirred into a little cold milk, and then stirred into the boiling milk.

599. A Friar's Omelet

Boil a dozen apples, as for sauce; stir in a quarter of a pound of butter, and the same of white sugar; when cold, add four eggs, well beaten; put it into a baking dish thickly strewed over with crumbs of bread, so as to stick to the bottom and 6ides; then put in the apple-mixture; strew crumbs of bread over the top; when baked, turn it out, and grate loaf-sugar over it.

600. A Swiss Pudding

Put layers of crumbs of bread and sliced apples, with sugar between, until the dish be as full as it will hold; let the crumbs be the uppermost layer; then pour milk over it, and bake.

601. Oxford Puddings

Take a quarter of a pound of grated biscuit, the same quantity of currants, the same of suet, finely chopped, a spoonful of sugar, and a little nutmeg; mix them well together. Take the yolks of three eggs, and make up the puddings into balls. Fry them a light colour in fresh butter, and serve with white wine sauce.

602. Muffin Or Cabinet Pudding

Cut three or four muffins in two, pour over them boiling milk sufficient to cover them, cover them up until they are tender. Make a rich custard with eight eggs (only four whites,) a pint of cream, a quarter of a pound of loaf-sugar, an ounce of almonds, blanched and cut, lemon peel and nutmeg grated, and a glass of ratafia or brandy. Butter a tin mould for boiling - for baking, a dish. Put a layer of dried cherries, greengages, apricots, or French plums; cover with custard, add more fruit, then custard, until the mould or dish is quite full. Boil an hour and a half, and serve with wine sauce. It should not float in the water, but stand in a stew-pan, and only water enough to reach halfway up the mould. If for baking, it will not take so long. Lay a puff paste round the edges of the dish.

Stale muffins are very good boiled in milk and eaten with wine sauce.

603. French And Italian Puddings

These puddings are composed of sliced French rolls, eggs, and cream. Five or six eggs to a pint of cream, and as much roll as will thicken it; sweeten it with loaf-sugar; a pound of suet, chopped fine, may be added or omitted. Line the dish with puff paste; lay at the bottom six or eight apples, cut up, a pound of raisins stoned, a few dates sliced, or a few French plums, some candied orange peel, sugar, and spice. Pour the pudding over this, grate nutmeg at top, and bake of a fine pale brown.