Take one pound of butter, beat it with your hand in a warm pan till it comes to a fine cream; put in one pound of powdered loaf sugar - beat it together to a nice cream. Previously, have one pound and a quarter of flour, sifted; put in a little, and give it a stir; put in four eggs, and well beat it; then take a little more flour, and four more eggs, as before, and beat it well again; then stir in the remainder of your flour. If you bake them in small cakes, butter your tins; if in large cakes, paper your tins. Sugar over the top, and bake them in a moderate heat. Some persons use this method: - Sift one pound of loaf sugar, and add to it one pound of fresh butter, melted a little, and worked with the hand to the consistency of cream; beat them together, and while doing so, add ten eggs; keep beating the whole till well incorporated. Take four ounces of candied orange or lemon peel, shred or cut small, a few currants, and one pound of flour; mix the whole well together, and put in a hoop; sift some sugar on the top, and then bake in a warm oven.