116. Apple Sauce

Take four or five juicy apples, two table-spoonfuls of cold water or cider; instead of putting the lid on, place the parings over the apples, and put them by a gentle fire. When they sink they are done; remove the saucepan from the fire, and beat up the apples; take the parings from the lop first, add a bit of butter a tea-spoonful of fine powdered sugar, and a dust of nutmeg.

117. Gooseberry Sauce

Scald half a pint of green gooseberries; do them till they are tender, but not broken; drain them on a sieve; when the liquor is cold, take half a pint of it, and make a thick batter of it, stir in the gooseberries with a little grated ginger and lemon peel. This sauce is sometimes used for mackerel.

118. Wow wow Sauce, for stewed beef or bouilli. Quarter and slice two or three pickled cucumbers or walnuts, or part of each, chop fine a handful of parsley, make some melted butter in half a pint of broth in which the beef is boiled, add a tea-spoonful of made mustard and a table-spoonful of vinegar, and the same of port wine and mushroom catsup: let it simmer till thick, then stir in the parsley and pickles to get warm; pour the whole over the beef, or put in a sauce tureen. The flavour may be varied by a tea-spoonful or two of any kind of the vinegars.

119. Curry Sauce is made by putting a little powdered curry into some melted butter, or curry vinegar.

120. Parsley And Butter

Wash and pick leaf by leaf some parsley; put a tea-spoonful of salt into half a pint of boiling water, boil the parsley about ten minutes; drain it on a sieve, mince it quite fine, and then bruise it to a pulp: put it into a sauce boat, and mix with it by degrees about half a pint of melted butter. Never pour parsley and butter over boiled things, but send up in a boat.

121. Fennel and Butter for Mackerel is prepared in the same way as parsley and butter.

122. Plum Pudding Sauce

A glass of sherry, half a glass of brandy, cherry bounce or Curaçoa, or essence of punch, and two tea-spoonfuls of pounded lump sugar (a very little grated lemon peel is sometimes added,) in a quarter of a pint of thick melted butter: grate nutmeg on the top.

123. Anchovy Sauce

Pound three anchovies in a mortar with a bit of butter; rub it through a double hair sieve with the back of a wooden spoon, and stir it into about half a pint of melted butter, or stir in a table-spoonful of essence of anchovy. Many cooks add cayenne and lemon juice.

124. Caper Sauce

Take a table-spoonful of capers, and two tea-spoonfuls of vinegar; mince one-third of them very fine, and divide the others in half; put them in a quarter of a pint of melted butter, or good thickened gravy; stir the same way as you do melted butter, or it will oil. Sometimes half a Seville orange or lemon or parsley, chervil, or tarragon, are added.

125. Mock Caper Sauce

Take French beans, gherkins, green peas, or nasturtiums, all pickled; cut them into bits the size of capers; put them into half a pint of melted butter; add two tea-spoonfuls of lemon juice or vinegar.