Punch A La Romaine - Roman Punch Ice

Make a quart of lemon ice, and flavour it with a glass or two of each, of rum, brandy, champagne, and Maraschino; when it is frozen, to each quart take the whites of five eggs and whip them to a very strong froth; boil half a pound of sugar to the ball, and rub it with a spoon or spatula against the sides to grain it; when it turns white, mix it quickly with the whites of eggs, stir it lightly together, and add it to the ice; when cold, mix it well together, and serve it in glasses; less sugar must be used in the ice, so as to allow for that which is used in making the meringue.

Mille Fruit Water Ice

Make a good lemon ice, with a pint of syrup, half a pint of water, and as much strained lemon-juice as will give it the desired flavour, with some elder flowers infused in syrup; when the ice is frozen, mix it in some preserved green fruits and peels cut in small dice; if any large fruits are used, such as apricots, peaches, pine-apples, etc, they must be also cut in dice like the peels; sprinkle it with prepared cochineal, and mix it a little so as it may appear in veins.

[Calves' Feet Jellies

Boil down one set of calves' feet in four quarts of water till it is reduced to one half, then strain through a sieve, in order to remove the bones; when settled and cold take off the grease on the surface, then boil, with the following additions: - twelve eggs, three pints of good Madeira wine, and two pounds of loaf sugar, the juice of four lemons; stir the mixture well with a whisk or spatula, and filter through a fine flannel bag. Jellies of Champagne and other wines are made in the same manner.

Coffee Jelly is made the same as preceding, using, instead of Madeira wine, a decoction of coffee, prepared as follows: - infuse half a pound of roasted Mocha coffee, pulverised or ground, in one quart of water, strain off the decoction, and add to it a little brandy.

Tea Jelly - Green Or Black

Treat in the same way, using an infusion of half an ounce of tea to one quart of water.

Strawberry Jelly

One pound of picked strawberries, press them lightly, and put them in four ounces of clear syrup; cover the infusion, and let them stand all night; strain through a bag- on the following morning: in the mean time clarify half a pound of sugar; when nearly clarified add to it a few drops of prepared cochineal, to give it a fine red colour; after which, strain it through a sieve, and add to it an ounce of clarified isinglass, the juice of two sound lemons, and afterwards the fruit; stir the jelly gently, and put it in a mould placed in ice.

N. B

To clarify isinglass, take one ounce of the best Russia, cut it in small pieces, wash it several times in clear warm water, put it on the fire in a small pan with one pint of soft water, let it boil sufficiently, taking care to skim it well; when it is reduced to one-half, strain through a napkin into a clean vessel. The sugar and isinglass should be only lukewarm when you mix them. These remarks apply to all jellies of this kind.