Cream Ices

These are composed entirely of pure fresh cream, with the juice or pulp of fruit either fresh or preserved, and syrup or sugar so blended together as the taste of one may not predominate over that of another; but if either is in excess it should be that of the fruit.

Raspberry Of Fresh Fruit

One quart of raspberries, one quart of cream, three-quarters of a pound or a pound of sugar, a few ripe currants and gooseberries, or currants and ripe cherries may be added, instead of all raspberries, which is much approved by some, and the juice of two lemons;* mash the fruit, and pass it through a sieve to take out the skins and seeds; mix it with the other articles; add a little prepared cochineal to heighten the colour; pat it in the pot and freeze.

* The quantity of fruit required for these ices will depend, in a great measure, on the quality of the fruit and the seasons in which it is produced; a pint and a half will be found sufficient when it is good in fine seasons; the quantity stated in each weight is the greatest required.


All ices made with red fruit require this addition of cochineal.

Raspberry, From Jam

One pound of jam, one quart of cream, about six ounces of sugar or syrup, to palate, and the juice of two lemons. Mix as before.


As raspberry.

Currant Ice From Fresh Fruit

One pint and a half of ripe currants, half a pint of raspberries, one quart of cream, the juice of two lemons, and twelve ounces of sugar. Mix as raspberry.

Currant Ice. - Preserved Fruit

The same proportions as raspberry, using either jam or jelly.

Barberry Ice

Use the sameproportions as before. For fresh barber ties, first soften them by either boiling them in the syrup you intend to use, or put them in a stew-pan, and stir them over the fire until tender; pass them through a sieve, mix, and freeze as raspberry. The barberries, having much acid, do not require any lemon-juice to be mixed with them.

Apricot. - Fresh Fruit

Twenty-four fine ripe apricots, one quart of cream, twelve ounces of sugar, the juice of two lemons, with a few of the kernels blanched; mash the apricots, rub them through a sieve, mix, and freeze.

Apricot, From Jam

Twelve ounces of jam, one quart of cream, the juice of two lemons, eight ounces of sugar, a few kernels or bitter almonds blanched and pounded fine; rub the whole through a sieve, and freeze.

Peach Ice

The same proportions as apricot

Pine Apple - Fresh Fruit

One pound of fresh pine apple, half a pint of syrup in which a pine has been preserved, two or three slices of pine apple cut in small dice, and the juice of three lemons; pound or grate the apple, pass it through a sieve, mix, and freeze.

Pine Apple - Preserved Fruit

Eight ounces of preserved pine, four slices cut in small dice, one quart of cream, the juice of three lemons, and sufficient syrup from the pine to sweeten it; pound the preserved pine, mix lemons with the cream, etc, and freeze.

Ginger Ice

Six ounces of preserved ginger, one quart of cream, half a pint of the syrup from the ginger, sugar sufficient to sweeten it with, and the juice of two lemons; pound the ginger in a mortar, add the cream, etc, and freeze.