Rub half a pound of moist sugar into two pounds of flour; make a hole in the middle of it, and put in a table-spoonful of good thick yeast (not bitter); warm half a pint of milk rather more than blood-warm, but not hot enough to scald the yeast; mix it with the yeast and a little of the flour, about one-third part. When it has risen, which will be in about three quarters of an hour, if the yeast is good, melt half a pound of butter in a little more milk; - be careful it is not hot enough to scald the yeast. Add on pound and a-half of currants, a little candied peel, and grated rind of lemon, and a tea-spoonful of powdered allspice, - mix all together; butter your hoop, or tin, put it in, and set it in a warm place to rise. When it has risen, bake it in a warm oven. When you think it is done, stick in a small twig of your whisk, and if it comes out dry it is done; but if it is sticky, it is not sufficiently baked. The cake should be mixed up rather softer than bread dough. A few yolks of eggs mixed up with it will make it eat much better.