Almond Candy

Blanch a pound of the best almonds, and cut them very thin, lengthways, put them into a pound of clarified sugar to crisp them, stir them over the fire till boiled to souffle; then take them off and keep stirring till the sugar is dry like sand: then sift it, so that the almonds may be left, divide them into four parts to color them differently, one part red, the second yellow, the third green, and the fourth left white as they come from the sugar. To color the first, soak a small quantity of carmine in clarified sugar, and lay your almonds in it; do the same with a little tincture of saffron for the yellow, and spinach juice for the green. Place the colored almonds on a sieve in a stove; when dry, mix all together, adding the white ones. Boil nearly as much sugar as your mould will require to souffle, put it in, and wvhn the almond are '.| lite dry, garnish the surface of the sugar with them; do not, however, lay them too thick, and just press them down with a fork; put the mould into a moderate oven for five hours, then drain it well, and in another two hours it may be taken from the mould.

Almonds Cinnamon Spanish

Blanch your almonds, then with a bit of butter tied in a piece of cloth, rub the pan and brown them. Have ready some clari-fied sugar, with powdered cinnamon stirred in it, put in the almonds, and when well covered with the sugar and cinnamon, lay them separately on tins, and dry in a slow oven.

Almonds To Color

Almonds rose colored. Blanch and cut sweet almonds in small pieces, put them on a baking plate, and pour on them a little of any vegetable liquid, of an infusion of cochineal, or carmine; then rub them in your hands, to mix them well with the color; when all are so done, dry them in a stove or in the oven.

Almonds Violet

Are done in the same way, the coloring ingredients are cochineal, and a little indigo dissolved in water, put but a small quantity of the latter at a time as it is very powerful.

Almonds Green

The same proceeding: the color is made with two hand-fuls of fresh spinach, well washed, drained, and then pounded; when very fine, press it through a napkin; let the juice drop on a dish, which place on a hot stove; as soon as it begins to boil, take it off, stirring it con-stantly, till the green curdles, then pour it through a horsehair sieve, and when well drained strain it through a silk sieve or tammy; the juice thus obtained, will give the almonds (which must be put in a few at a time) a clear and even green color.

Almonds Blue

Dissolve a little indigo in water, strain it through a cloth and use it as above mentioned.

Almonds Orange Colored

Mix a little liquid red, and a little infusion of saffron together, and proceed with the almonds as usual.

Almonds Lemon Colored

Infuse a small quantity of saffron in nearly boiling water for a few minutes; strain and follow the above direction.