Blown Almonds

Scald a few almonds, and pound them to about half as fine as for biscuits, heat them with lemon-juice, whites of eggs and powder-sugar; drop them on paper, about the size of almonds, and dry them in a stove or gentle oven Almonds Blown Royal.

Choose four ounces of small thick almonds, and put them into an oven until they are slightly colored. Whilst they are cooling, mix four ounces of sugar with an egg; beat them up for ten minutes; add a little carmine to make it a fine rose color; dip the almonds into this: take them out; disengage them from the egg, so that they may be only just covered with it; lay them two and two on a sheet of strong paper three-quarters of an inch between each pair; they may also be placed in threes to form the tre-foil, on which may be added a fourth. Bake them in a cool oven.

Almond Butter

To a quarter of a pound of blanched almonds, well beat, put some new milk and rose water; take a quart of thick cream, and the yolks of twelve eggs beat well with a little of the cream; then add the rest of the cream; put a quarter of a pint of new milk to the almonds, and strain them into the cream till there is no strength left; strain all together into a skillet, set it over a charcoal tire, and stir it till it comes to a tender curd; put it into a strainer, and hang it up till the whey is drained out; then take six ounces of fine sifted sugar and a little rose water, and beat it all into butter with a spoon.

Almond Bitter Cake

Pound three ounces (half bitter and half sweet) of almonds, put them into an earthen pan with six ounces of powder sugar; the same of sifted flour, two whole eggs, and six yolks, a spoonful of brandy and a grain or two of salt; work these up together for five minutes and then add six ounces of fresh butter which is slightly warmed, work that in for four minutes longer. Then, having whipped the whites of two eggs, mix them into the paste. Butter a well-tinned copper mould or paper case, ten inches long, five wide, and two high; pour in your preparation, and bake it in a cool oven. While baking, whip the whites of two eggs, and mix two ounces of powder sugar with them, and cut four ounces of sweet almonds into slips (shortwise;) mix them also with two ounces of powder sugar and a spoonful of white of egg whipped. In three-quarters of an hour take out the cake, and if it be firm and well colored, cover it with the whipped egg and sugar, and on that strew the almonds equally, pressing them in, that all maybe colored alike. This operation must be performed as quick as possible, and when done, turn the cake out and cut it in four slips (lengthwise,) and then divide each into six parts lozenge-shaped; this will give you twenty-four cakes, which must be arranged in stars on your dish, six to every star. They may also be cut in two lengths instead of four, and these divided into fifteen small pieces, and then, with a paste-cutter, formed into crescents. The ingredients, and the proper quantities for this cake are as follows: - six ounces of flour, the same of powder sugar, three ounces of sweet and bitter almonds, six yolks, and two whole eggs, six ounces of butter, two of sugar mixed with the whites of two eggs whipped, four ounces of cut almonds added to the sugar and eggs, a spoonful of brandy and a grain of salt.