Sirup Of Mulberries

Take as many mulberries as will yield three pints of juice, which put into a preserving pan with three pints of water; boil until this quantity is reduced to one pint; then lay the fruit on a sieve to drain. Clarify three pounds of sugar, boil it to bouille; then add the mulberry-juice; give them one boil, and skim them. Pour the sirup into a pan, and let it stand; when cold, bottle it.

How To Prepare For Liqueurs Musk

Take two grains of musk and a quarter of a pound of sugar, pound them in a mortar and mix them well; keep it in a closely stopped bottle. The quantity required of this is or:e pinch to four or five quarts of liqueur. Ambergris is prepared in a similar manner, but being less powerful than the musk, four grains is the proportion to a quarter of a pound of sugar.


Poppy seeds sugared in the manner directed under the articles Sugared Seeds, are called Nonpareils; they are tinged of different colors, by the introduction of the various coloring materials into the sugar with which they are covered.


Blanch and wash a pound of sweet almonds, and having drained them" well, cut each into five slips, which place in a gentle oven to dry; let them be all equally colored of a clear yellow; in the meantime, put three-quarters of a pound of fine sugar into a preserving pan, set it on a stove, stirring with a wooden spoon until completely dissolved; then take the almonds out of the oven, and whilst hot throw them into the liquid sugar; mix them together well. Have ready a mould well oiled, of any shape you think proper, in the interior of which place the slips of almonds, by means of lemon-juice, when the whole is covered, remove the mould carefully, and serve the Nougat.

Noyau, English

Two gallons of gin, two pounds of bitter almonds, one pound of sweet almonds, both beaten to a fine paste; six pounds of lump sugar, pounded (some of it with the almonds.) Let these stand ten days in the gin, then filter it through blotting paper, and bottle it.

Nutmegs To Candy

Take a pound and a half of double refined sugar, half a quarter of a pint of damask rose-water, and a very little gum arabic; boil these to a candy height; let your nutmegs be first soaked in water; then put them into an earthen pan, pour your candy to them, keep them very close covered, set them in a warm place for about three weeks, and they will be of a rock candy.

Parfait Amour

Take four very fine fresh cedrats, pare them very thin, and; infuse them with half an ounce of fine cinnamon, and four ounces of coriander, in three gallons of strong brandy, and a quart of water, for a week or ten days, when distil it in the bain maiie; this quantity of brandy, ii good, will yield two gallons and half a pint of spirit. Dissolve three pounds and a half of sugar in seven pints of river water, color it with cochineal, then add it to the spirit, filter, and bottle it.


Cut about one hundred peach leaves, put them into a wide-mouthed bottle, pour on them a quart of the best brandy, cork it close; in three weeks strain it oft, and put to it an equal quantity of ca-pillaire. It is good in custards, puddings, and as a liqueur.

Peaches In A Compote

Cut your peaches in half, take out the stones, peel them, then set them on the fire in a sugar-pan. with a sufficient quantity of thick clarified sugar to cover them, and let them simmer in this gently till done; then take, them out in a basin, put in the kernels to the sugar, and let it boil until tolerably thick; put in the juice of two or three lemons, and pour the sirup over the peaches; serve them in a deep hot dish.


Take half a pound of each of the following seeds: angelica, coriander, fennel, and caraway, the rinds of four lemons, and as many oranges, infuse all these in two gallons and a half of the best brandy, close the vessel hermetically. In five days time, distil it in the bain marie alembic, and draw from the above quantity five quarts of liqueur. Dissolve seven pounds of sugar in a gallon of pure river water; add this sirup to the liqueur, filter, and bottle it.