Chickens Chiringate

Having taken off the feet, beat the breast bones of your chickens flat without breaking the skin, flour and fry them in butter; when of a nice brown take all the fat from the pan, leaving in the chickens, over which lay a pound of gravy beef cut in thin slices, another piece of beef also cut thin, some mace, cloves, pepper, an onion, a carrot, and a bunch of sweet herbs: pour a quart of boiling water over the whole, cover it quite close, and let it stew; in a quarter of an hour take out the chickens, but let the gravy continue boiling, and when very rich strain it; then put it again into the pan with a little red wine and a few mushrooms; then put in the chickens, and when they are hot, dish them up, and pour the sauce over them; garnish with slices of lemon and broiled ham.

Chicken Curry

Take the skin off, cut up a chicken, and roll each piece in curry-powder and flour (mixed together a spoonful of flour to half an ounce of curry) fry two or three sliced onions in butter; when of a light brown, put in the meat and fry them together till the meat becomes brown; then stew them together with a little water for two or three hours. More water may be added if too thick.

Chicken Capilotade

Put into a stewpan a little butter and flour; add mushrooms, parsley, and shallots cut small, dilute these with equal quantities of stock, and red or white wine. When the sauce is well boiled, skim it; cut a roasted fowl in pieces, and put it into this sauce; stew it gently for a quarter of an hour. Add some gherkins cut in thin slices.

Cold Fried Chicken

Cut the chicken in quarters, and take off the skin, rub it with an egg beaten up, and cover it with grated bread seasoned with pepper, salt, grated lemon-peel, and chopped parsley, fry it in butter, thicken a little brown gravy with flour and butter, add a little Cayenne, lemon pickle, and mushroom catchup.

Chickens Fricasseed

Prepare and cut up two chickens; put them in a stewpan with some butter, parsley, a bay-leaf, thyme, basil, two cloves, mushrooms, and a slice of ham; let them stew till scarcely any sauce remains, then add a little flour, warm water, salt and pepper; stew it again and reduce the sauce. When nearly done put in the yolks of three eggs beaten up with a little cream or milk; thicken it over the fire, but do not let it boil; a small quantity of lemon-juice or vinegar may be added. Place the breasts and bones of the chickens on a dish, lay the legs and wings over them and then pour the sauce over the whole; garnish with the mushrooms. Take off the skins before you cut up the chickens if you wish the fricassee very white.

Chicken Fritters

Make a batter with four eggs, some new milk, and rice-flour; to this, add a pint of cream, powder-sugar, canthed lemon-peel cut small, fresh lemon-peel grated, and the white parts of a roasted chicken shred small; set all these together on a stove, and stir well for sometime; when done, take it off, roll f!ut the mixture, cut it into fritters, and fry them; strew sugar on a dish, lay in the fritters, strew sugar over, and serve them hot.