Having picked the chickens, singe them well to remove all the hairs, etc, which may remain on the skin; then bruise the bone close to the foot, and draw the strings from the thigh. Take out the crop by a slit cut in the back of the neck; then cut off the neck, leaving skin enough to turn over the back. Cut off the vent, and take out the inside, being careful not to break the gall; break the back-bone and the two bones leading to the pinions; wipe the chicken with a cloth, and put in a little pepper and salt. If the chicken is to be trussed for roasting, proceed as follows: - Turn the legs close down to the apron and run a skewer through; run another skewer in the joint of one wing through the body to the other wing; and having washed the liver and gizzard, place them in the pinions. For boiling, the under part of the thigh must be cut, and the legs placed under the apron, only letting the ends be seen. Be sure to preserve the breast very full.

Broiled Or Grill-Ed Chickens

Pick and singe them nicely, wash them clean, and dry them in a cloth; cut them down the back, truss the legs and wings, as for boiling; flatten them, and put them upon a cold gridiron; when they become a little dry, put them upon a plate, baste them with butter, and strew a little salt and pepper over the inside, which part is laid first upon the gridiron; baste them frequently, and let them broil slowly for about half an hour. Serve them very hot, with melted butter poured over them, or plenty of stewed mushrooms. The livers and gizzards may be broiled with them, fastened into the wings, or well seasoned, broiled, and served with the chickens.

Chicken Baked In Rice

Cut a chicken into joints as for a fricassee, season it well with pepper and salt, lay it into a pudding dish lined with slices of ham or bacon, add a pint of veal gravy, and an onion finely minced; fill up the dish with boiled rice well pressed and piled as high as the dish will hold, cover it with a paste of flour and water; bake it one hour, and before serving take off the paste.

Chickens Boiled (1)

Put the chickens into a saucepan by themselves, and boil a small one for fifteen, a larger one twenty minutes.

Chickens Boiled (2)

When they are drawn and trussed, lay the chickens in skim milk for about two hours; then put them into cold water, cover them close, and set them over a slow fire, and skim them well. As soon as they have boiled slowly, take them from the fire, and let them remain in the water close covered for half an hour; then drain and serve with white sauce.

Broiled Chicken

Split a couple of chickens, take out the inside and backbones, beat them with a wooden spoon, dip them in clarified butter, and broil them, the inside next the fire (which should be of charcoal), and only turn them to color them. When done, pour on them a sauce made as follows: - Boil some stewed mushrooms with beef stock and plain sauce, an equal quantity of each, until of a proper consistence; flavor it with lemon-juice and Cayenne pepper.