Fowl Broiled

Split them down the back, well salt and pepper them; then broil them. Serve with mushroom sauce.

Fowl Capilotade

Take the remains of a ready dressed fowl, and put them into a stewpan; then do up some parsley, shallots, and four mushrooms, all shred small, in a little butter; as soon as the latter becomes liquid, add four ladlefuls of espagnole, and two of consomme, reduce, and skim it; pour it on your fowl, set it on the fire to simmer for a quarter of an hour, before you send it to table.

Fowls Dressed To Dress Again

Cut them in quarters, beat up an egg or two (according to the quantity you dress) with a little grated nutmeg, and pepper and salt, some parsley minced fine, and a few crumbs of bread; mix these well together, and cover the fowl, etc. with this batter; broil them, or put them in a Dutch oven, or have ready some dripping hot in a pan, in which fry them a light brown color; thicken a little gravy with some flour, put a large spoonful of catchup to it, lay the fry in a dish, and pour the sauce round it. You may garnish with slices of lemon and toasted bread.

Turkey, Goose, Duck, Rabbit, Pigeon, are all dressed same way.

Fowl, Game, Or Rabbit Hash-Ed

Cut them into joints, put the trimmings into a stewpan with a quart of the broth they were boiled in, and a large onion cut in four; let it boil half an hour: strain it through a sieve: then put two table-spoonfuls of flour in a basin, and mix it well by degrees with the hot broth; set it on the fire to boil up, then strain it through a fine sieve: wash out the stewpan, lay the poultry in it, and pour the gravy on it (through a sieve); set it by the side of the fire to simmer very gently (it must not boil) for fifteen minutes; five minutes before you serve it up, cut the stuffing in slices, and put it in to warm, then take it out, and lay it round the edge of the dish, and put the poultry in the middle; carefully skim the fat oft' the gravy, then shake it round well in the stewpan, and pour it to the hash. N. B. - You may garnish the dish with bread sippets lightly toasted.

Fowl Hashed

Cut a cold roasted fowl into pieces as for a fricassee, put the trimmings into a saucepan with two or three shallots, a little lemon-peel, a blade of mace, a quarter of a pound of lean ham, and a pint of stock; simmer it for half an hour, strain it, put a bit of butter into a saucepan, and wheni melted, dredge in as much flour as will dry it up, stirring it all the time; then add the gravy, let it boil a minute, and put in the fowl, also a little pepper, salt, and a dust of sugar. Before serving, squeeze in a little lemon-juice.

Fowl Minced With Veal

Mince the white part of a cold roasted or boiled fowl; put it, and some thin slices of veal, into a saucepan, also some white stock, a squeeze of a lemon, a few drops of shallot vinegar, and a dust of sugar; simmer it for a short time, and serve it upon bread sippets, with the slices of veal laid on the mince.