Preserved Jargonelle Pears

Gather pears with stalks before they are quite ripe; allow equal quantities of fine loaf sugar and of fruit. Pare the pears as thinly as possible, keeping on the stalks; carefully cut out the black top; as they are peeled put them into cold water. Put cabbage leaves into the bottom of a preserving-pan; lay in the pears, cover them with cold water and one or two cabbage leaves upon the top; boil them thirty minutes, and lay them upon a dish. To six pounds of sugar, allow a pound of water, boil and skim it; then add one ounce of white ginger, previously soaked in hot water, and scraped clean, add the juice and thinly pared rinds of two lemons. Boil the sirup ten minutes, put in the pears, and let them boil twenty minutes; take them out, put them into a bowl or deep dish, boil the sirup eight minutes, and when cold pour it over the pears; cover them with paper; in four days pour off the sirup, boil it eight minutes, and pour it over the pears when cold. In four days repeat this process, and do it a third time; then stick a clove in each pear, where the black top was cut out. Put them into jars, divide the ginger and lemon-peel, and pour on the sirup when cold.

Red Pears

Parboil a dozen of pound pears in water; peel them. Clarify the same weight of fine loaf sugar that there is of pears; add a pint of Port wine, the juice and rind of one lemon, with a little cochineal, a few cloves, and a stick of cinnamon; boil the pears in this till they become clear and red; take them out, boil up the sirup, strain, and put it over the pears.