India Pickle (1)

Take one pound of ginger, put it into a pan with salt and wa-ter, and let it lay all night, then scrape it, and cut it into thin slices; put it into a pan with half a pound of bay salt, and let it lay till all the following ingredients are prepared; a pound of garlic peeled, and laid in salt for three days, then take it out, wash it, then let it lay in salt for another three days, then take it out and let it lay in the sun for another, till half dry; an ounce of long pepper, an ounce of capsicum, salted and laid in the sun for three days, a pint of black mustard-seed bruised, half an ounce of turmeric, beat very small; put all these ingredients together in a jar, then put in as much vinegar, as, when the cabbage, or whatever you intend to pickle, is put into it, the vinegar will rise to the top of the jar. Then take cabbage, cauliflower, or whatever you choose to pickle, and cut them into small pieces, throw a good handful of salt over them, and set them in the sun (when it is very hot) for three days, drain the water from them every day, and fresh salt them again, turning the leaves till they are dry, then put them into the pickle, being particular that they are completely covered with the vinegar; tie it up close, let it stand a fortnight, fill it again with more vinegar, carefully watch it from time to time, to fill it up with vinegar, as it will waste vary last.

India Pickle (2)

One gallon of vinegar, one pound of garlic, a quarter of a pound of long pepper split, half a pound of flour of mustard, one pound of ginger scraped, and split, and two ounces of turmeric. When you have prepared the spice, and put it into the jar, pour the vinegar boiling hot over it, and stir it every day for a week. Then put in your cabbage, cauliflower, or whatever you intend to pickle.