Pickles ought to be stored in a dry place and the vessels most approved of for keeping them in, are wide-mouthed glass bottles, or strong stone-ware jars, having corks or bungs, which must be fitted in with linen, and covered with bladder or leather; and for taking the pickles out and returning them to the jar, a small wooden spoon is kept. The strongest vinegar is used for pickling; that of cider more particularly recommended, but sugar vinegar will generally be found sufficiently strong. It is essential to the excellence and beauty of pickles, that they be always completely covered with vinegar.

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Gherkins Or Cucumbers-Pick-Leu

Choose gherkins very green and straight, brush, and place a layer in a pan, sprinkle them with fine salt, then another layer of gherkins, which sprinkle with salt also, and continue this operation until you have used nearly a bushel of gherkins, leave them in the salt for twenty-four hours, which will draw all the water from them; at the end of that time drain and place them in a jar, with a handful of allspice, the same of tarragon, a little balm, ten shallots, six cloves of garlic, two or three long peppers, twenty cloves, a lemon cut in quarters, and two small handfuls of salt. Boil two gallons of the best vinegar, pour it over the gherkins, and let them stand till the next day, when boil the vinegar a second time, and pour it on again; the following day boil the vinegar for the third and last time, pour it over the gherkins, and when quite cold, cover the jar with a wet parchment.