Cranberry Pudding

Stir into a quart of batter, made suffer than for batter pudding, about a pint of cranberries, and boil as usual. Or, make a paste as for apple pudding, and put in the cranberries, with molasses sufficient to sweeten their acidity. Eaten with sweet sauce.

Curd, Boiled

Rub the curd of two gallons of milk, well drained, through a sieve; then mix with it six eggs, a little cream, two spoonfuls of orange-flower water, half a nutmeg grated, three spoonfuls of flour, and three spoonfuls of bread-crumbs, half a pound of currants, and half a pound of raisins stoned. Let it boil for one hour, in a thick cloth well floured.

Currant Pudding

A pound of curnauts, a pound of suet, five eggs, four spoonfuls of flour, half a nutmeg, a tea-spoonful of ginger, a little powder sugar and a little salt; boil this for three hours.

Currant Dry Pudding

Chop a pound of suet, and mix it with a pound of flour, half a pound of currants, (well washed), a tea-spoonful of pounded ginger, half a spoonful of tincture of saffron, and a little salt; stir in a sufficient quantity of water, to make it a proper consistence; tie it in a buttered cloth, and boil it for an hour; serve it with melted butter, white wine, and sugar.

Custard Pudding

Boil a pint of milk, and a quarter of a pint of good cream; thicken with flour and water made perfectly smooth, till it is stiff enough to bear an egg on it; break in the yolks of five eggs; sweeten with powdered loaf sugar; grate in a little nutmeg and the peel of a lemon: add half a glass of good brandy; then whip the whites of the five eggs till quite stiff, and mix gentle all together: line a pie-dish with good puff paste, and bake half an hour. N. B. - Ground rice, potato flour, panada, and all puddings made from powders, are, or may be, prepared in the same way.

Damson Pudding

Make a batter with three well-beaten eggs, a pint of milk, and of flour and brown sugar four table-spoonfuls each; stone a pint of damsons, and mix them with the batter; boil it in a buttered basin for an hour and a half.

Egg Pudding

Melt a quarter of a pound of butter, and when nearly cold, mix well with it the following ingredients: - ten well-beaten yolks and two whites of eggs, half a pint of rich cream, half a pound of good brown sugar, two table-spoonfuls of flour, a grated nutmeg, and a glass of brandy; bake it with or without a lining of puff paste.

Fruit Suet Pudding

Of finely minced suet, flour, grated bread, and cleaned currants, a quarter of a pound each; a tea-spoonful of pounded ginger, one of salt, two ounces of brown sugar, and a tea-cupful of milk; mix all the ingredients well together, and boil it in a cloth for two hours. Serve with a sweet sauce.

Family Pudding

Mix with a pound of flour half a pound of raisins stoned and chopped, the same quantity of minced sue, a little salt, and milk or water sufficient to make it into a stiff batter; boil it for five hours. Serve with melted butter poured over it. Two well-beaten eggs may be added.