How To Boil Rice

Wash the rice perfectly clean, and put on one pound in two quarts of cold water; let it boil twenty minutes, strain it through a sieve, and put it before the fire; shake it up with a fork every now and then, to separate the grains, and make it quite dry. Serve it hot.

Rice Cakes For Breakfast

Put half a pound of rice in soak over night. Early in the morning boil it very soft, drain it from the water, mix with it a quarter of a pound of butter and set it away to cool. When it is cold, stir it into a quart of milk, and add a very little salt. Beat six eggs, and sift half a pint of flour. Stir the egg and flour alternately into the rice and milk. Having beaten the whole very well, bake it on the griddle in cakes about the size of a small dessert-plate. Butter them, and send them to table hot.

Rice Cassolettes

The rice prepared as above may be put into smaller moulds, those called dariole moulds, and it should be quite cold before it is turned out, the mince or whatever is put inside being also cold; it must be put in carefully, that none of it may mix with the rice, otherwise the cassolettes would break in the process of frying; for the same reason, the dripping must be very hot. Frying is the best and quickest method of doing them, but they may also be browned in the oven as the casserole of rice.

Rice Cheese

Boil an ounce of rice, thick as hasty pudding, in rather less than half a pint of milk (new); pour it hot on an ounce and a half of butter, the same weight of sugar, mixing it well together; let it stand till cold; then add one egg, and the yolk of another, and a little white wine.

Rice Cream

Mix some rice flour with half a glass of cold milk; then by degrees, add a pint more, also cold, and put it with a bay-leaf into a saucepan, set it on a slow fire for an hour and a half, then strain and flavor it with orange-flower water, sweeten to your taste, and serve it hot. It should be stirred frequently whilst boiling; eggs may be added if you think proper.

Rice Croquettes

Wash and scald a quarter of a pound of rice, put it into a saucepan, with the rind of a lemon, shred small, a quarter of a pound of powdersugar, a pinch of salt, a little crisped orange-flowers, an ounce of butter, and half a pint of milk; set these on the fire, and when the rice is quite soft, add the yolks of four eggs, stir them in over the fire, but do not let them boil; pour the preparation on a large tin or slab, spread it equally; let it cool, and then divide it into small equal parts: roll these into balls, dip them into an omelet, roll them in bread-crumbs, and fry them in a very hot pan. As soon as the croquettes are of a nice color, drain, sprinkle them with powder-sugar, and serve them.

Rice. Rice Cups

Sweeten a pint of milk with pounded loaf sugar, and boil it with a 6tick of cinnamon; stir in sifted ground rice till thick; take it off the fire, and add the well-beaten whites of three eggs; stir it again over the fire for two or three minutes, then put it into tea-cups previously dipped in cold water; turn them out when cold, and pour round them a custard cream made with the yolks of the eggs; place upon the rice a little red currant jelly or raspberry jam. This dish may be served warm or cold; if cold, raspberry cream or custard may be poured round it.