Rice Custards Without Cream

One tea-spoonfu-I of rice-flour, a pint of new milk, the yolks of three eggs, a table-spoonful of ratafia (or two or three laurel leaves boiled in), sugar to your taste; mix the rice very smooth, and stir it with the eggs into the boiling milk, until thick. Arrow-root is better than rice.

Rice Fritters

Boil the rice in milk with some powder-sugar, orange-flower water, a pinch of cinnamon powder, and a little butter; when quite soft put to it a liaison of yolks of eggs, pour it. into a pan to cool. Make your preparation into bails, about the size of an egg, dip them in egg, fry them, sprinkle them with sugar, and serve.

Gateau Of Rice

Boil a quart of cream, add to it half a pound of powder-Migar, and three-quarters of a pound of rice; when the latter is quite soft, dissolve in it a quarter of a pound of butter, and then put in the grated rind of a lemon, let it cool. When quite cold, stir in four yolks and four whole eggs, more if the rice be very thick; butter a mould lightly, put the rice into it, place the mould in hot ashes, so that it may be completely enveloped in and covered with them; in half an hour the gateau will be done enough; then turn it out, and serve. If you wish, you can make a souffle, by whipping the whites of six eggs; like other souffles, in this case it should be served in a silver dish. In putting the preparation into the mould, be careful not to fill it, as the rice would swell and run over the edge.

Rice Milk

Allow an ounce of rice for each person, wash it thoroughly in warm water; set some milk on the fire, and when it boils, put in the rice; continue to boil it over a slow fire, stirring often for two or three hours; add salt or sugar according to taste, and cinnamon.

Rice And Milk

To every quart of good milk allow two ounces of rice; wash it well in several waters; put it with the milk into a closely-covered saucepan, and set it over a slow fire; when it boils take it off; let it stand till it be cold, and simmer it about an hour and a quarter before sending it to table; and serve it in a tureen.

Rice Pancakes

Boil half a pound of rice in a small quantity of water, until quite a jelly; as soon as it is cold, mix it with a pint of cream, eight eggs, a little salt and nutmeg; make eight ounces of butter just warm, and stir in with the rest, adding to the whole as much butter as will make the batter think enough. They must be fried in as small a quantity of lard as possible.

Rice Paste

Rub three ounces of butter well, into half a pound of ground rice, moisten it with water, and roll it out with a little flour.

Pyramids Of Rice

Boil some whole rice, make it up into the form of pyramids about three inches high, or press it into small tin frames of that shape; lake out part of the rice at the bottom, and fill the space with sausage, or rich forcemeat; place them in a dish, take off the frame, and pour round them some rich brown gravy.

Rice Savoury

Carefully wash and pick some rice; set it to stew very gently in a little veal or rich mutton broth, add an onion, a blade of mace, pepper, and salt. When it is swelled it should not be boiled to mash; put it to dry on the shallow end of a sieve before the fire. You may serve it dry, or put it in the middle of a dish, and pour the gravy round, having first heated it.

Rice Snow Balls

Wash and pick half a pound of rice very clean, put it on in a saucepan with plenty of water; when it boils let it boil ten minutes, drain it on a sieve till it is quite dry, and then pare six apples, weighing two ounces and a half each. Divide the rice into six parcels, in separate cloths, put one apple in each, tie it loose, and boil it one hour; serve it with sugar and butter, or wine sauce.

Whole In A Shape Rice

Wash a large tea-cupful of rice in several waters, put it into a saucepan with cold water to cover it, and when it boils, add two cupfuls of rich milk, and boil it till it becomes dry; put it into a shape, and press it in well. When cold, turn it out, and serve with preserved black currants, raspberries, or any sort of fruit round it.