Boiled Receipt By An Aberdeen Fisherman Salmon

When the water is hot, put salt into it, and stir it well; taste it; when strong enough to force you to cast it from your mouth, it will do; when the water boils put in the fish; when it boils again, give twenty minutes for a salmon, and sixteen for a gristle. When salmon is cut in slices an inch thick, let them boil ten minutes. Serve with it a sauce tureen of the liquor the fish was boiled in.

Salmon Steaks Broiled

Cut the steaks from the thickest parts of the fish nearly an inch thick; butter pieces of white paper; fold the steaks in them, and broil them over a slow fire for ten or twelve minutes. Take off the paper; serve and garnish with plenty of fried parsley. Dressed in this way, they may be put round salmon boiled, in slices. Sauces; - melted butter, lobster, or shrimp sauce.

Fresh Broiled Salmon

Clean the salmon well, and cut it into slices about an inch and a half thick; dry it thoroughly in a clean cloth; rub it over with sweet oil, or thick melted butter, and sprinkle a little salt over it: put your gridiron over a clear fire, at some distance; when it is hot, wipe it clean; rub it with sweet oil or lard; lay the salmon on, and when it is done on one side, turn it gently and broil the other. Anchovy sauce, etc.


An oven does them best.

Salmon Caveach

Boil in two quarts of vinegar three heads of shallots, half an ounce of whole black pepper, three cloves, two blades of mace, and a little salt. Fry the fish, cut in slices, of a light brown color in fine oil, or clarified dripping; put them, when cold, into a pan, pour over the vinegar and spices, and put on the top eight or ten spoonfuls of oil. Soles may be done in this way, only lay over them sliced onions instead of shallots.

Dried Kipper Salmon

Cut the fish up the back, and take out the bone; wipe it very clean with a cloth; score it, and put a handful of salt on each side, and let it lie for three days; then hang it up to dry, and it will be fit for use in two da\s, and eats well with a little pepper put over it, and broiled.

How To Dress Salmon Dried

Lay it in soak for two or three hours, then broil it, shaking a little pepper over it. Dried salmon is eaten broiled in paper, and only just warmed through; egg sauce and mashed potatoes are usually served with it; or it may be boiled, especially the bit next the head.

Potted Salmon

Take off the head; cut the salmon in thick slices; wipe it dry, but do not wash it; pound half an ounce of nutmeg, mace, and cloves, the least part of cloves, half an ounce of white pepper, and some salt; chop fine one onion, six bay-leaves, and six anchovies; season each slice; put it into a pan, with very thin slices of butter between each layer; bake it, when well done; drain off the butter, and, when cold, pour over some clarified batter.

How To Salt Salmon

Cut the fish up the back, and cut out the bone; wipe it clean, and sprinkle it with salt; let it lay a night to drain off the liquor; wipe it dry, rub on it two or three ounces of pounded saltpetre; cut it into pieces; pack it close in a pot with a thick layer of salt between each layer of fish. If the brine does not rise in a few days, boil a strong one, and pour it, when cold, upon the salmon, which must always be covered with it.

Stew Salmon

Clean and scrape the fish; cut it into slices, and stew it in a rich white gravy. A little before serving, add two table-spoonfuls of soy, one of essence of anchovy, and a little salt, some chopped parsley and chives.

Spiced Salmon

Mix together, in the proportion of one third of salt-and-water to one pint of vinegar, one ounce of whole black pepper, and one ounce of cinnamon. Cut the salmon into slices, and boil it in this; when cold, pack it close in a pan, and pour over it the liquor it was boiled in, with the spices, so as to cover it completely; cover the pan closely, to exclude the air.