Take two drachms of vanilla, a quart of milk, the yolks of three eggs, five ounces of sugar, and a pint of cream; beat up the eggs well with the milk, and then add the other ingredients; set the whole on a moderate fire, and stir it constantly with a wooden spoon, till the cream will adhere to it; then strain, and serve it cold.

Vanilla Cream, Bolted

Take as much cream as will fill the mould you intend to use, and boil it up a few times, with the proportionate quantities of vanilla and sugar; then let it cool, and if the mould will contain a quart, mix twelve yolks and three whole eggs with the cream, and run it five times through a bolting cloth Butter the mould, pour the cream into it, and place it in the bain marie, but no.' too hot; when the cream is set, winch you may know by touching it gently with your finger, turn it on a dish; take the remainder of the cream, stir it over the fire like white sauce, and as soon as it sticks to the spoon (which must be of wood), lake it off, stir it an instant, and then pour it over the other cream, and serve cold.

Vanilla Cream Whipped

Put a pinch off gum-dragon into a pint of cream, add a small quantity of orange-flower water, powder-sugar to the taste, and a little milk, in which some vanilla has been boiled, and the milk strained; whip these ingredients with a whisk, until the whole is sufficiently frothed; then lay it carefully on a dish, in a pyramidal form, and serve it.

Vanilla Cream Ice

Whisk the whites of twelve eggs to a firm froth in a preserving pan, pour on them the yolks of eight, and a pound of sifted sugar, whip the whole well with a whisk, and pour in by degrees two quarts of boiling cream; continue to whip it for some little lime, and then put it on the fire, with half an ounce of vanilla bruised; still whipping, when it has boiled up three or four times, strain it, and freeze as usual. (See Ice.)

Vanilla Sticks

Take some marchpane paste, a quarter of a pound of chocolate, and the same of vanilla; mix these well into the paste, and then form it into sticks, like the vanilla in its original form; lay them on a sheet of paper, and bake in a slow oven.