Boil down in five quarts of water two pounds of a shank of veal, or fowl, and five pounds of the breast of venison cut small; two or three onions chopped, some whole white pepper and salt, with a quarter of a pound of lean ham. Let it stew till it be completely boiled down, when all the strength will be extracted; rub it through a sieve, thicken it with a little butter, kneaded in flour, and add a pint of Madeira, and boil it for a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes.

Brown Venison Soup

Cut in small pieces six or seven pounds of the breast of venison, put it in a stewpan with two or three ounces, of butter; cover it closely, stir it once or twice, and let it stew an hour. Mix four quarts of cold water with a pint and a half of the blood, put it on the fire in another stewpan, and stir it constantly till it boil; then add the stew to it with an onion minced small, and a whole carrot, some salt, black and Jamaica pepper. If the meat be young, let it boil gently for two hours; if old, two and a half will be necessary. A little before serving, take out the carrot and all the bones, leaving a little of the meat; mix in half a pint of Port wine, and let it boil a short time. It may be thickened with a little flour and butter.