Winter Vegetable Soup (1)

Peel and slice six large onions, six potatoes, and four turnips; fry them in half a pound of butter or very fresh dripping; toast a crust of bread brown and hard, put it, with two or three heads of celery cut small, some herbs, pepper, and salt, with the fried vegetables, into five pints of water, to stew gently for four hours, then strain it through a sieve, add a little carrot and celery cut small, and some chopped parsley, one anchovy or a red herring, and a little cayenne; boil it till the vegetables are tender.

Winter Vegetable Soup (2)

To every gallon of water allow, when cut down small, a quart of the following vegetables; equal quantities of turnips, carrots, and potatoes, three onions, two heads of celery, and a bunch of sweet herbs; fry them brown in a quarter of a pound of butter, add the water with salt and pepper, and boil it till reduced to three quarts, and serve it with fried toasted bread.

Vegetable Soup

Pare and cut small one dozen of common-sized onions, five large yellow turnips, two heads of celery, and the red part of three large carrots; wash and put them in a stewpan with two ounces of butter, cover it closely; and when the vegetables are a little soft, add to them four quails of well-seasoned gravy soup made of roast beef bones, and let it slew four or five hours; rub it through a tammy, put it on the fire, boil and skim it before serving.