Sante Soup (1)

Peel four large onions, cut them small, with four white lettuces, a handful of spinach, and a slice of grated bread. Stew all these ingredients for an hour in a quart of broth and a quarter of a pound of butter, then add three pints more of broth, skim off all the fat, and boil it a quarter of an hour, season with pepper and salt. Before serving, add half a pint of good cream. A pint of green peas, added with the other vegetables, is a great improvement.

Sante Soup (2)

Lay six or eight slices of lean ham, with some beef over them, at the bottom of a stewpan, then some veal, with some partridge-legs, or moor game, or chicken, salt, peppercorns, Jamaica pepper, three or four cloves, a bay-leaf, and one clove of garlic; let the whole stew together till it takes a fine brown color, then fill it up with half water, and half good beef stock; add three heads of celery, two good turnips, parsley, lemon thyme, two carrots, three large onions, and a small bunch of winter savory; when the whole is thoroughly well done, pass it through a lawn sieve into a basin. Cut two good-sized turnips and three large leeks, into pieces, about the thickness of a quill, and an inch and a half long; fry these together of a nice brown color: next, shred two cabbage-lettuces, celery, endive, sorrel, and chervil; and stew them down on a very slow fire with a small bit of butter. When done, put them in a sieve with the turnips; then put them into a soup-pot, and pour the soup from the basin over them; set it on a stove, skim it, and as soon as it boils, set it on one side, and let it simmer for two hours very gently; take the crumb of a couple of French rolls, and cut it into round pieces, which brown in the oven, and put them into the tureen, and pour the soup upon them. If you think proper, it may be clarified, the same as other clear soups; but the real Soup de Sante ought not to be clarified.