Moor-Fowl Soup

It may be made with or without brown gravy soup; when with the former, six birds are suffi-cient, when with moor-fowl only, boil five in four quarts of water, pound the breasts in a mortar and rub it through a sieve, put it with the legs, backs, and three more moor-fowl, cut down in joints, into the liquor, season with a pint of Port wine, pepper, and salt, and let it boil an hour. When only six birds are used, pound the breasts of three or four.

Portable Soup

Put on, in four gallons of water, ten pounds of a shin of beef, free from fat and skin, six pounds of a knuckle of veal, and two fowls, break the bones and cut the meat into small pieces, season with one ounce of whole black pepper, quarter of an ounce of Jamaica pepper, and the same of mace, cover the pot very closely, and let it simmer for twelve or fourteen hours, and then strain it. The following day, take off the fat, and clear the jelly from any sediment adhering to it; boil it gently upon a stove, without covering the saucepan, and stir it frequently till it becomes very thick and in lumps about the pan. Put it into saucers about half full, and when cold lay the cakes upon flannel to dry before the fire or in the sun; keep them in a tin box, with white paper between each cake. About an ounce weight will make a pint of rich soup; pour boiling water upon it with a little salt, and stir it till it dissolves. It also answers well for gravies and all brown sauces.

Soup For The Poor

Wash an ox-head very clean; break the bones, and cut the meat in pieces; put it on in thirteen gallons of water, and a peck and a half of potatoes, half a peck of turnips, the same quantity of onions, and some carrots; peel and cut them all down. A handful of pot herbs, and two quarts of oatmeal; season with pepper and salt. Cover the pot closely, and let it stew till the next morning; add as much hot water as may have wasted in boil-ing, and let it stew for some hours longer, when it will be fit for use. This soup will be found very good for a family dinner.

Queen Soup

Pound in a marble mortar the white meat of three cold roasted fowls, and half a pound of sweet almonds blanched; add a little cream whilst pounding. Boil this with four quarts of well-seasoned beef stock, then strain it, and just before serving stir in a pint of cream.

Simple Soup

Cut small one pound of carrots, one pound of turnips, half a pound of onions, one lettuce, a little celery, and a handful of parsley; stew them for twenty minutes with a quarter of a pound of butter, some salt and pepper; then put them into three quarts of stock, made with two pounds of veal, and add one quart of green peas, and let it stew for three hours. Press it through a sieve, and boil it up before sending it to table

Spring Soup

Put on in four quarts of water a knuckle of veal cut down, and a quarter of a pound of lean ham, or a gammon of bacon; a quart of green split peas; cut small three or four onions, three turnips, a little parsley, thyme, celery, and one leek; stew them all together till the peas are very-soft; take out the meat and press the remainder through a fine sieve; season the soup with pepper and salt. Cut small like peas a bunch of the tops of asparagus, the hearts of two or three cabbages, cutting off e top part and the outside leaves, and a little green mint, stew them till tender, keeping them of a good green, and add them to the soup a quarter of an hour before serving. If it should not be green enough, pound some spinach, squeeze the juice through a cloth, put about a quarter of a pint into the tureen, and pour in the soup. This is the best method to make green peas soup of a good color.

Vermicelli Soup

The day before it is required make four quarts of good stock, and boil in it one carrot, one turnip, four onions, one or two parsley roots, three blades of mace, salt, and some white pepper; strain it, and, before using, take off all the fat; boil in some of the liquor the crumb of three French rolls till soft enough to mash smooth; boil the soup and stir well in the mashed rolls; boil it for a quarter of an hour, and, before serving, add the yolks of two eggs beaten with three table-spoonfuls of cream; boil in water two or three ounces of vermicelli for fifteen or twenty minutes, strain and put it into the tureen, and pour the soup upon it.

Tomato Soup

Wash, scrape, and cut small the red part of three large carrots, three heads of celery, four large onions, and two large turnips, put them into a saucepan, with a table-spoonful of butter, and hall a pound of lean new ham; let them stew very gently for an hour, then add three quarts of brown gravy soup, and some whole black pepper, with eight or ten ripe tomatoes; let it boil an hour and a half, and pulp it through a sieve; serve it with fried bread cut in dice.