Toasted Salad Sandwiches

Mash a cream cheese and moisten with French dressing. Cut graham bread in one-fourth-inch slices, spread with cheese mixture and sprinkle with chopped pecan nut meats. Put together in pairs, remove crusts and cut in finger-shaped pieces. Toast, pile log-cabin fashion on a fancy plate and serve as an accompaniment to a dinner salad.

Devilled Sandwiches

Blanch and shred two ounces Jordan almonds; then saute in enough butter to prevent burning, until delicately browned, stirring constantly. Mix two tablespoons chopped pickles, one tablespoon.

Worcestershire Sauce, one tablespoon chutney, one-fourth teaspoon salt and a few grains cayenne. Pour over almonds and cook two minutes, stirring constantly. Work a cream cheese until smooth and season with salt and paprika. Spread unsweetened wafer crackers with cheese, sprinkle with nuts and put together in pairs. Arrange on a plate, covered with a doily. A delicious accompaniment to a dinner salad.

Caviare Sandwiches

Cut white bread in thin slices, spread with creamed butter and then with caviare. Sprinkle with lemon juice and cayenne; cover with slices of buttered bread, remove crusts and cut in small finger-shaped pieces.

Dream Sandwiches

Cut stale bread in one-fourth-inch slices; remove crusts and cut in rectangular pieces. Cut mild cheese in slices same size as pieces of bread and sprinkle with salt and cayenne. Put a slice of cheese between each two slices of bread and saute in butter until delicately browned on one side; then turn and brown other side.

Dream Sandwiches.

Dream Sandwiches. - Page 383.

Fairmont Sandwiches

Cut bread in one-fourth-inch slices. Spread three slices sparingly with butter on both sides, and two slices on but one side. Put between slices layers of finely cut red and green peppers wrung through a cheese-cloth to remove moisture, moistened with Mayonnaise Dressing. There should be two layers of green peppers and one of red. Remove crusts, fold in cheese-cloth and press under a weight; then cut in slices for serving, and arrange on a plate covered with a doily.

Fairmont Sandwiches.

Fairmont Sandwiches. - Page .384.

Sembrich Sandwiches

Cut and spread seven slices bread, same as for Fairmont Sandwiches. Put between slices finely chopped cold boiled ham, moistened with cream and seasoned with salt, mustard and cayenne; finely chopped cold boiled fowl, moistened with Mayonnaise Dressing, and chopped nut meats, moistened with Mayonnaise Dressing: there should be two layers of each filling. Remove crusts, fold in cheesecloth and press under a weight. Cut in slices and arrange on a bed of crisp lettuce leaves.

Lincoln Sandwiches

Cut brown and white bread in thin slices and spread with butter, which has been worked until creamy. Cut cold boiled tongue and gruyere cheese in thin slices. Put a slice of tongue on white bread, over tongue brown bread, and over brown bread cheese; repeat. Wrap in cheese-cloth, put under a weight and let stand several hours.

For serving cut in thin slices crosswise, and arrange sandwiches overlapping one another, in two parallel rows on a plate covered with a lace paper doily.