Wash a smoked tongue, put in kettle, cover with cold water, bring slowly to the boiling point, cover and let simmer until meat is tender, and cool in water in which it has been cooked. Cut off root, then thick slice, and scoop out centre, leaving a wall one-half inch in thickness; fill cavity with forcemeat, replace thick slice and fasten with small wooden skewers. Tie in cheese-cloth and steam from forty-five to sixty minutes. Remove from cheesecloth, take off skin, brush over with aspic jelly, chill thoroughly, cut in slices crosswise, arrange overlapping one another, lengthwise of platter, and garnish with parsley and slice of lemon.

Preparation of Stuffed Smoked Tongue.

Preparation of Stuffed Smoked Tongue. - Page 241.

Sliced Stuffed Smoked Tongue.

Sliced Stuffed Smoked Tongue. - Page 241.

Tongue And Chicken Forcemeat

Chop the breast of a raw chicken, pound in a mortar, and add gradually the whites of two eggs and work until smooth. Then add gradually cup heavy cream and one-fourth cup tongue, removed from centre, forced through a puree strainer. Season highly with salt, cayenne and Sherry wine.