1 quart oysters.

1 1/2 quarts water.

2 stalks celery 2 leeks.

2 slices onion 2 sprigs parsley 2 cloves 1/2 bay leaf.

1/2 cup rice 2 cups milk 2 teaspoons salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper 1/8 teaspoon cayenne 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg 2 egg yolks 1 cup cream.

1 cup canned peas.

Parboil oysters in their own liquor. Strain, reserve liquor, and finely chop the oysters. To liquor add water, celery, leeks, onion, parsley, cloves, bay leaf, chopped oysters, rice, and milk. Bring to the boiling point and let simmer one and one-quarter hours. Press through a sieve and add remaining seasonings; then egg yolks diluted with cream, and when boiling point is again reached, peas.