1 cups milk 2 eggs.

2 tablespoons sugar Few grains salt 1 tablespoons granulated gelatine.

cup cold water.

pint heavy cream.

3 tablespoons powdered sugar.

teaspoon vanilla.

Sponge cake.

Whites 2 eggs.

Scald milk and add gradually to eggs, slightly beaten and mixed with sugar and salt. Cook over hot water, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens, then add gelatine, soaked in cold water. Strain and add whites of eggs, beaten until stiff. Set pan in larger pan of ice water and stir, scraping from bottom and sides of pan, until mixture begins to thicken. Then add cream, beaten until stiff and mixed with sugar and vanilla. Line round paper cases with strips of sponge cake, using muffin rings to keep cases in shape. Fill with cream and chill. Remove from cases and garnish tops with four narrow strips of cakes, radiating from centre, and garnish centre with a cube of jelly.

Charlotte Russe in the Making.

Charlotte Russe in the Making. - Page 276.

Charlotte Russe.

Charlotte Russe. - Page 276.