Chicken And Oyster Consomme

1 pint oysters 1/2 cup cold water 4 cups chicken stock.

1 teaspoon salt Few grains cayenne 1/2 cup cream.

Finely chop oysters (reserving the soft portion of twelve), add cold water and let simmer twenty-five minutes. Strain oyster liquor through a double thickness of cheese-cloth, placed over fine wire strainer, and add to chicken stock. Season with salt and pepper and add cream and the soft parts of oysters, cooked until plump. Reheat and serve at once.

Filippini Consomme

2 cups consomme 1 cup brown stock 4 tablespoons pimiento puree.

3 tablespoons Sherry wine 1/2 teaspoon salt Few grains cayenne.

Mix ingredients and clear, using the white and shell of one egg. To obtain pimiento puree, drain canned pimientoes and force through a puree strainer.

Consomme Dubarry

5 pounds veal, cut from fore quarter.

2 ox-tails.

3 quarts cold water.

1/2 cup carrot, cut in small pieces 1/2 cup celery, cut in small pieces 1 onion sliced 3 sprigs thyme.

Bit of bay leaf.

1/2 teaspoon peppercorns.

1 tablespoon salt.

11/2 tablespoons butter.

1/2 green pepper.

Flowerets cooked cauliflower.

cup hot boiled rice.

1 tablespoon shredded, blanched Jordan almonds Royal custard.

Wipe veal, remove meat, cut in small pieces and put with bones in soup kettle. Add ox-tails, wiped and cut in pieces, and pour over cold water. Heat gradually to the boiling point, skim, cover, and let simmer four hours. Cook carrot, celery, onion, thyme, bay leaf, and peppercorns with butter ten minutes, stirring constantly. Add to soup and let simmer two hours; then add green pepper cut in strips and cook fifteen minutes. Strain, cool, and remove fat. Reheat and add remaining ingredients.

A consomme that does not require clearing.

Consomme Montmorency

4-pound fowl.

3 pounds knuckle of veal.

3 quarts cold water.

1 sliced onion.

2 stalks celery.

8 slices carrot.

2 sprigs parsley.

2 sprigs thyme.

1/2 teaspoon peppercorns.

2 tablespoons butter.

Dress and clean fowl, put in a soup kettle and add veal cut in small pieces. Pour over water and add remaining ingredients, which have been cooked in butter eight minutes. Bring to the boiling point and let simmer until fowl is tender. Remove fowl and let stock boil one and one-half hours. Strain, cool, remove fat, and clear, allowing the white and shell of one egg and one cup uncooked beet to each quart. Garnish with one-fourth cup cooked green peas, one-fourth cup Julienne-shaped pieces of the white meat of cooked chicken, and one-fourth cup cooked pearl tapioca.

Iced Pimiento Consomme

Remove fat from one quart consomme, and clear, using the white of one egg and two pounded canned pimientos. Chill thoroughly and serve very cold in bouillon cups.

Consomme Tillyprone

8 lbs. shin of beef 4 lbs. knuckle of veal 2 ozs. lean raw ham 4 quarts cold water 2 onions, sliced 1 small carrot 1/2 teaspoon celery seed Small bay leaf Blade of mace.

2 sprigs parsley.

2 sprigs marjoram.

3 sprigs thyme.

3/4 teaspoon peppercorns.

4 cloves.

2 allspice berries.

1 inch piece stick cinnamon.

1 tablespoon salt.

1 egg.

Cup Brussels Sprouts

Wipe beef and veal, remove lean meat from bones and cut in small pieces. Put in hot iron frying pan with ham and brown (turning frequently), using just enough butter to keep meat from burning. Remove to back of range, cover and cook one hour, turning occasionally. Put in soup kettle, add water, seasonings and bones sawed in pieces. Bring quickly to boiling point, skim, simmer six hours and strain through cheese-cloth placed over a fine wire strainer, when further clearing will not be necessary. Let stand twenty-four hours. Reheat and garnish with egg, slightly beaten, run through a strainer and cooked in soup.

Wash, pick over and slice Brussels sprouts crosswise and cook in boiling salted water, to which are added a few grains soda, until soft; drain and add to soup.

Consomme Japonnaise

3 pounds lean beef 3 pounds shin of beef Carcass of roast chicken 1 sliced carrot 1 sliced onion 1 clove garlic 1 stalk celery 1 sprig parsley.

10 peppercorns.

2 cloves.

5 allspice berries.

1/4 teaspoon thyme.

1 quart cold water.

1 1/2 quarts boiling water.



Wipe meat, cut in small pieces, and put in a soup kettle. Add remaining ingredients except boiling water, salt, and pepper, cover and let stand on back of range one and one-half hours. Bring to the boiling point and let boil five minutes, stirring constantly. Add boiling water and let simmer one and one-half hours. Season with salt and pepper, and strain through a piece of cheese-cloth placed over a fine strainer.