Sol. Smith. - Theatrical Apprenticeship and Anecdotal Recollections of Sol. Smith, Esq., Comedian, Lawyer, etc., with eight original designs and illustrations by Darley. Containing Early scenes, Wanderings in the West - Cincinnati in Early Life - " One man in his time plays many parts" - Expedient to gain a Livelihood - Early days of Edwin Forrest - The Manager in Distress - Pittsburgh Theatricals - Philadelphia Gardens in 1824 - The Old Chatham Theatre - Star-gazing in New York - Concerts in New Jersey - Getting thro' a Winter - Strolling in Canada - The Murderous Alleghanians - Dawning of the Drama in Lewistown - Floating down the Stream - Theatricals in Kentucky - Anecdotal Recollections 6ince 1827 - A Theatrical Dentist - The Rival Vocalists - Pettifogging in St. Louis - A Friendly Game of Poker - Tom the Curtain Man - The Manager and Planter, Signor Matthieu - Letter to Rev. A. Ballard - My First and Last Sermon - Tennessee Door-keeper - The Player and the Phrenologist - Interview with an Editor, Ac, etc. Complete in one volume. Price 50 cents.

Sol. Smith. Second Series. The Theatrical Journey-work and Anecdotical Recollections of Sol. Smith, Esq., with a portait of Sol. Smith. It comprises a sketch of the second Seven years of his professional life, together with some Sketches of Adventure in after years. One volume, with an illustrative cover. Price 50 cents.

A Quarter Race in Kentucky, and other Stories. - By W. T. Porter, Esq., of the New York Spirit of the Times, with eight illustrations and designs by Darley. Containing a Quarter Race in Kentucky - A Shark Story - Lanty Oliphant in Court - Bill Morse on the City Taxes - Ance Yeasy's Fight with Reub Sessions - The Fastest Funeral on Record - Going to Bed before a Young Lady - A Millerite Miracle - Old Singletire " Running a Saw" on a French Gentleman - Breaking a Bank - Taking the Census - Dick Harlan's Tennessee Frolic - "Falling off a Log" in a game of "Seven up" - The "Werry Fast Crab" - "French without a Master' - A Rollicking Dragoon Officer - The Georgia Major in Court - Uncle Billy Brown " Glorious" - Old Tuttle's Last Quarter Race - Bill Dean the Texan Ranger - The Steamboat Captain who was averse to racing - Bob Herring the Arkansas Bear Hunter - McAlpin's Trip to Charleston - Indian Rubber Pills - A Murder Case in Mississippi - Kicking a Yankee - A "Down-East" Original - Somebody in my Bed - A Day at Sol. Slice's - Cupping on the Starnum - A Bear Story - Playing Poker in Arkansas - etc, etc. Complete in one volume. Price 50 cents.

"It is illustrated with original engravings from designs by Darley. The 'Quarter Race in Kentucky' is one of the best stories that was ever penned, and the volume contains a number of others, that have from time to time appeared in the Spirit of the Times, which are hard to beat." - N. O. Picayune.

The Rival Belles. By J. B. Jones, author of "Wild Western Scenes," etc. This is a very humorous and entertaining work, and one that will be recommended by all after reading it. It is a mirth-provoking work, and well calculated to enliven an evening and put to flight ennui, melancholy, and all the gloomy humors' flesh is heir to.' It is a fit companion for the two previous works. Complete in one volume. Price 50 cents.

Life and Adventures of Col. Vanderhomb, and the Exploits of his Private Secretary. By J. B. Jones, author of "The Rival Belles," "Wild Western Scenes," etc. This book will make your sides ache and split to read it, and persons of weak nerves should not peruse it, for it is only suitable for persons of strong constitution, so great is the humor. There is enough fun in it to spice a Magazine for a twelve-month. Complete in one volume. Price 50 cents.

The Life and Adventures of Percival Maberry. Written by Himself. It will interest and please everybody. It is a delightful book, and a well written story of adventure, an agreeable and interesting work - a novelty in its way. and full to overflowing with curious and absorbing events. It is lull of incident and adventure, while Maberry himself is exceedingly well drawn. Those who read the first chapter will not lay it down until the story is mastered entire. Complete in one volume. All who enjoy a good laugh, should get it at once. Price 50 cents.

Yankee Yarns and Yankee Letters. By Sam Slick, alias Judge Hali-burton. Full of the drollest humor that has ever emanated from the p«n of any author. A collection of humorous stories, varns and letters, well calculated to provoke laughter. We advise the immediate purchase of the book, and but a temperate use of it - one story at a sitting will be sufficient; a greater indulgence might result seriously. Every page will set you in a roar. Complete in one volume, Price 50 cents.

The Attache; or Sam Slick in England. - By Judge Haliburton, author of " Yankee Yarns and Yankee Letters," etc. This is, of course, quite full of fun - ' all sorts'of fun; and those who want a good laugh, should get it at once. Complete in one volume.