Falkland. A Novel. By Sir K. E. Bulwer, author of "The Roue," " Oxonian," etc. One volume, octavo. Price 25 cents.

The Roue: or the Hazards of Women. By Sir E. L. Bulwer. Price 25 its.

The Oxonians. By Sir E. L. Bulwer. Author of "Last of the Barons." A Sequel to the Reue. Price 25 cents.

Arrah Neil. A Novel. By G. P. R. James, author of "Richelieu," etc. Price 25 cts.

Eva St. Clair; and other Collected Tales. By Q. P. R. James, Esq., author of "Richelieu." Price 25 cents.

The Pioneer's Daughter. By Emerson Bennett, author of "The Prairie Flower." Price 50 cents.

Agnes Grey; an Autobiography. By the Author of "Jane Eyre," "Shirley," etc. Price 25 cents.

The Valley Farm; or, the Autobiography of an Orphan. A companion to Jane Eyre. Price 25 cents.

The Fortune Hunter, by Mrs. Anna Cora Mowatt. (Her last.) Price 38 cents.

Gentleman's Science of Etiquette, and Guide to Society. By Count Alfred D'Oreay. Price 25 cents.

Ladies' Science of Etiquette. By Countess deCalabrella, with her full length portrait. Price 25 cents.

Grace Dudley; or Arnold at Saratoga. By Charles J. Peterson. Illustrated. Price 25 cents.

Ella Stratford; or the Orphan Child. By the Countess of Blessington. Price 25 cents.

Ghost Stories. Full of Illustrations. Being a Wonderful Book. Price 25 cents.

The Admiral's Daughter. By Mrs. Marsh, author of "Ravenscliffe." One volume, octavo. Price 25 cents.

The Monk. A Romance. By Matthew G. Lewis, Esq., M.P. All should read it. 25 cts.

The Dark Lady of Doona. By W. H. Maxwell, author of " Wild Sports in the West." Price 25 cents.

Rody the Rover: or the Ribbonman. An Irish Tale. By William Carle-ton. One volume, octavo. Price 25 cents.

The Diary of a Physician. Second Series. By S. C. Warren, author of "Ten Thousand a Year." Illustrated. Price 25 cents.

Abednego, the Money Lender. By Mrs. Gore. Price 25 cents.

Madison's Exposition of the Awful Ceremonies of Odd Fellowship, with 20 plates. Price 25 cents.

Gliddon's Ancient Egypt, her Monuments, Hieroglyphics. History, etc. Full of plates. Price 25 cents.

The Family Phystcian; or the True Art of Healing the Sick. By Dr. Hollick Price 25 cents.

Father Clement. By Grace Kennady, Author of "Dunallen." "Abbey of Innis-moyle," etc. Price 50 cents.

The Abbey of Innismoyle. By Grace Kennady, author of " Father Clement." Price 25 cents.

The Insnared; a Story of the Heart. By Lady Charlotte Bury. 25 cts.

The Beautiful French Girl; or the Daughter of Monsieur Fontanbleu. Price 25 cents.

The Mysteries of Bedlam; or Annals of the London Mad House. Price 25 cents.

Josephine. By Grace Aguilar, author of "Home Influence," "Mother's Recompense," etc. Price 25 cents.

The Mysteries of a Convent. By one of the most celebrated Methodist.

Preachers now living. Price 25 cents. Bell Brandon, and the Withered Fig Tree. By P. Hamilton Myers, author of "Miser's Heir." A Three Hundred Dollar prize novel. Price 25 cents.

Knowlson's Complete Cattle, or Cow Doctor. Price 25 cents.

Knowlson's Complete Farrier, or Horse Doctor. Price 25 cents.

The Complete Kitchen and Fruit Gardener, for popular and general use. Price 25 cents.

The Complete Florist: or Flower Gardener. The best in the world. Price 25 cents.

Moreton Hall; or, the Spirits of the Haunted House. A Tale founded on facts. Price 25 cents.

Philip in Search of a Wife. By the author of "Kate in Search of a Husband." Price 25 cents.

Jenny Ambrose; or, Life in the Eastern States. By the author of "Lights and Shadows of Factory Life." An excellent Book. Price 25 cents.

A Year After Marriage. By T. S. Arthur. Price 25 cents.

Trials of a. Needlewoman. By T. S. Arthur. Price 50 cents.