Miss Leslie's New Receipts for Cooking of all Kinds. Cakes, Pastry, etc.,etc. Entitled; "New Receipts for Cooking," by Miss Leslie, comprising new and approved methods of preparing all kinds of soups, fish, oysters, terrapins, turtle, vegetables, meats, poultry, game, sauces, pickles, sweet meats, cakes, pies, puddings, confectionary, rice, indian meal preparations of all kinds, domestic liquors, perfumery, remedies, laundry work, needle-work, letters, additional receipts, etc. Also, list of articles suited to go together for breakfasts, dinners and suppers, and much useful information and many miscellaneous subjects connected with general house-wifery. New edition, enlarged and improved, complete in 520 pages, handsomely bound. Price One Dollar a copy only. This work has had a very extensive sale, and many thousand copies have been sold, and the demand is increasing yearly, being the most complete work of the kind published in the world, and also the latest and best, as in addition to Cookery, its receipts for making cakes and confectionary are unequalled by any other work extant.

This excellent and valuable book is published under the title of" NEW RECEIPTS FOR COOKING," BY MISS LESLIE; and is entirely different from any other work on similar subjects, under other names, by the same author.

It is an elegantly printed duodecimo volume of 520 pages; and in it there will be found One Thousand and Eleven new Receipts - all useful - some ornamental - and all invaluable to every lady, miss, or family in the world.

A very important feature in this new and admirable Cook Book, under the title of "NEW RECEIPTS FOR COOKING," BY MISS LESLIE, will be found in the list of articles suited together for breakfasts, Dinners, Suppers, etc. In it will be found extremely popular and useful suggestions, - of immense value in every household, adding greatly to its convenience, its comfort and economy.

Mysteries of the Court of the Stuarts, under the reign of Charles the Second, and James the Second. An Historical Romance. The period during the reigns of Charles II. and James II., is one of the most interesting in English History. Nell Gwynne, first a poor actress, and again as the king's mistress, and possessing more than a queen's influence, is the prominent character. The various characters are well drawn, and the construction of the tale is thoroughly artistic. The scenes shift continually, and the interest of the reader is well sustained to the close. Complete in one volume. Price 50 cents.

"This is an historical romance of a brilliant period of English annals, and its author has caught the spirit of the times, and worked up his materials with no common degree of skill. The book will be found exceedingly interesting." - Southern Literary Gazette. Virginia and Magdalene; or The Poster Sisters. A Novel. By Emma D. E. N. South worth, author of "The Deserted Wife," "The Mother in Law," etc. Complete in one volume. Price 50 cents.

"Mrs. Southworth's startling positions, vivid scenes, and a pervading intensity in language and plot, remind us forcibly of Miss Bronte, (the author of ' Jane Eyre.')" - Literary World.