*Boned turkey with jelly; partridge pie; game dressed in various ways; cold ham glazed thickly all over with a mixture of bread-crumbs, cream, and yolk of egg; two smoked tongues, one placed whole in the centre of the dish, the other cut into circular slices and laid round it; cold alamode beef; French chicken salad; Italian chicken salad; marbled veal; potted lobster; pickled lobster; terrapins; cream oysters; fried oysters; pickled oysters; oyster patties; biscuit sandwiches; charlotte polonaise; charlotte russe; French charlotte; calves' feet jelly; trifle; Spanish blanc-mange; chocolate blanc-mange; coffee blanc-mange; maccaroon blanc-mange; vanilla blanc-mange; pistachio cream; cocoa-nut cream; chocolate cream: vanilla cream; lemon custards; orange custards; green custard; red custard; meringued apples; whipt cream meringues; iced grapes; orange-water ice; damson-water ice; vanilla ice-cream; lemon ice-cream; almond ice-cream; chocolate ice-cream; biscuit ice-cream; maccaroon ice-cream; preserved pine-apple; preserved citron-melon; preserved limes; preserved oranges; brandy peaches; brandy green gages; port wine-jelly; pink champagne-jelly; frozen punch, etc.; plum-cake; lady-cake; almond sponge-cake; frothed chocolate with dry toast.

An elegant supper table may be decorated with a profusion of real flowers tastefully disposed in pyramids and other forms; or with the sugar temples, obelisks, pagodas, baskets, etc, made by the confectioners. Unless at a very large and splendid supper it is bad taste to introduce these sugar ornaments.

* From these may be selected supper dishes for a small assemblage, or for a company of moderate size.

Oyster Suppers

It is customary at oyster suppers to have a great portion of the oysters roasted in the shell and brought in on large dishes "hot and hot." Near every two chairs should be placed a small bucket to receive the shells. An oyster knife, and a clean coarse towel must be laid beside every plate, for the purpose of opening the oysters; an office that is usually performed by the gentlemen. The oysters should all be of the largest and best kind. Besides those that are roasted, there should be other dishes of them, fried, stewed, and pickled. Also, oysters in pies or patties; - cold-slaw; beets; pickles; and celery; bread in the form of rolls; and butter made up into handsome basket or pine-apple shapes. Ale and porter are frequently in troduced at oyster suppers.