Sea-shore dinner

Oyster soup; clam pie; stewed rock-fish; crabs; mashed potatoes - Boiled lemon pudding.

Very Nice Autumn Dinners For Families

Autumn soup; Roast fowls; smoked tongue; lima beans; squashes; sweet potatoes- - Sweet potatoe pudding; apple pie.

Italian pork; roast ducks with apple sauce; squashes; egg-plant; lima beans - Peach pie; gelatine custard.

Oyster soup; roast beef; sweet potatoes; squashes; egg-plant; lima beans - Gluince pudding; bread fritters.

Sea-bass with tomatoes; boiled ham; pigeon pie; sweet potatoes; stewed red cabbage; lima beans - Squash pudding; preserved peaches.

Ham pie; sweetbreads with oysters; sweet potatoes; lima beans; egg-plant - Boiled lemon pudding; preserved quinces.

Rabbit soup; roast beef; cold-slaw; lima beans; tomatoes; sweet potatoes - Sago pudding; preserved tomatoes.

Roast pork with apple sauce; sweet potatoes; lima beans; egg-plant - Sweet potatoe pudding; fritters.

Boiled ham; roast fowls; stewed red cabbage; turnips; sweet potatoes; lima beans - Squash pudding; apple pie.

Roast fillet of veal; cold ham; broccoli; turnips; lima beans; sweet potatoes - Baked rice pudding preserved peaches.

Stewed pork with sweet potatoes; fried rabbits; onions; turnips; lima beans - Peach pudding; custards.

Roast goose with apple sauce; smoked tongue; onions; turnips; lima beans; sweet potatoes - Eve's pudding; floating island.

Oyster soup; chicken pie; beef-steaks; onion sauce; tomatoes; turnips; sweet potatoes - Sweet potatoe pudding; preserved peaches.

Roast fowls; corned beef; stewed red cabbage; turnips; tomatoes - Apple custard; preserved tomatoes.

Boiled rock-fish; roast pork with apple sauce; sweet potatoes; turnips; tomatoes - Baked apple pudding; fritters.

Oyster soup; venison steaks; tomato sweetbreads; turnips; sweet potatoes - Pumpkin pudding; preserved tomatoes.

Venison pie; smoked tongue; broccoli; sweet potatoes; turnips; winter-squash - Eve's pudding; fritters.

Roast venison; oyster fritters; turnips; sweet potatoes; winter-squash - Apple pie; boiled custard.

Ochra soup; roast fowls; smoked tongue; turnips; sweet potatoes; broccoli - Pumpkin pudding; baked pears.

Winter Dinners For Families - Very Nice

Winter soup; roast beef; stewed onions; cold-slaw; turnips - Apple pie; custards.

Boiled ham; oyster pie; turnips; parsnips; stewed pumpkin - Baked rice pudding; preserved tomatoes.

Chicken pot-pie; oyster fritters; turnips; parsnips; beets - Pumpkin pudding; preserved peaches.

Boiled turkey with oyster sauce; smoked tongue; turnips; salsify; beets - Cranberry pie; custards.

Roast fowls with cranberry sauce; oyster fritters; turnips; beets; winter-squash - Potatoe pudding; preserved quinces.

Bean soup; roast pork with apple sauce; turnips; pumpkin; beets - Pumpkin pudding; preserved tomatoes.

Roast beef; scolloped oysters; turnips; parsnips; stewed beets; winter-squash - Cranberry pie; boiled custard.

Pease soup; roast fowls; turnips; beets; cold-slaw; hominy; winter-squash - Squash pudding; baked apples.

Roast turkey with cranberry sauce; boiled ham; winter-squash; turnips; salsify - Mince pudding; lemon custards.

Ham pie; oyster fritters; turnips; winter-squash; salsify; stewed beets - Raisin pudding; baked pears.

Venison soup; roast fowls; stewed beets; turnips; winter-squash - Sago pudding; baked apples.

Roast venison with currant jelly; chicken curry; turnips; winter-squash; salsify - Cranberry pie; custards.

Roast fowls; boiled corned beef; cabbage; carrots; parsnips; turnips - Apple pie; boiled custard.

Roast beef; stewed fowls; cold-slaw; stewed beets; turnips; hominy; salsify - Plum pudding; cranberry pie.

Soup a la Julienne; roast goose with apple sauce; Bcolloped oysters; turnips; stewed onions; stewed beets - Pumpkin pudding; preserved pears.

Roast mutton; chicken curry; cold-slaw; beets; turnips; stewed pumpkin - Eve's pudding; baked apples.

Venison pasty; fricasseed chickens; turnips; salsify; winter-squash - Plum pudding; preserved tomatoes.

Roast beef; fricasseed fowls; cold-slaw; beets; turnips; winter-squash - Mince pie; custards.

Boiled turkey with oyster sauce; boiled ham; stewed beets; turnips; cold-slaw - Pumpkin pudding; baked apples.

Bean soup; cold ham; roast fillet of veal; stewed beets; turnips; winter-squash - Mince pie; boiled custard.

A-la-mode beef; scolloped oysters; turnips; carrots; beets; cold-slaw - Carrot pudding; preserved pears.