Spring soup; roast fillet of veal; (potatoes always;) peas; stewed spinach - Rhubarb pie; custards.

Stewed, rock-fish: roast lamb with mint sauce; peas; asparagus; poke - Goosebeny pie; boiled custard.

Clam soup; roast loin of veal; stewed peas; spinach; asparagus - Tapioca pudding; gooseberry fool.

Stewed sea-bass; roast beef; stewed spinach; stewed peas; asparagus; beets - Currant pie; custards.

Stewed halibut; chicken pie; stewed peas; stewed beans; asparagus - Boiled lemon pudding; gooseberry pie.

Green pea soup; roast fillet of veal; beans; peas; asparagus - Gooseberry pudding; boiled custard.

Boiled ham; roast ducks with apple sauce; stewed peas; beans; asparagus - Currant pie; green custard.

Cat-fish soup; roast Iamb with mint sauce; peas; asparagus; spinach - Ground rice pudding; gooseberry fool.

Clam pie; roast loin of veal; stewed peas; asparagus; stewed spinach - Currant pudding; red custard.

Maccaroni soup; roast ducks with apple sauce; peas; asparagus; spinach - Currant pie; gelatine custard.

Baked shad; stewed fillet of veal; peas; asparagus; spinach - Souffle pudding; gooseberry pie.

Roast lamb with mint sauce; clam-sweetbreads; peas; beans; asparagus - Ground rice pudding; currant pie.

Corned fillet of veal; clam pie; stewed peas; spinach; beans; asparagus - Gooseberry pudding; green fritters.

Roast beef; stewed sweetbreads with oysters; beans; peas; asparagus - Gelatine blanc-mange; gooseberry fool.

Halibut cutlets; stewed lamb; peas; beans; asparagus; beets - Maccaroni pudding; currant pie.

Boiled ham; fowl and oysters; asparagus; spinach; peas - Gooseberry pie; custards.

Green pea soup; chicken pie; broiled ham; peas; aspargus; beans - Biscuit pudding; gooseberry fool.

Family Dinners For Summer - Very Nice

Fresh salmon stewed; roast ducks with stewed currant sauce; beans; peas; turnips - Cherry pie; custards.'

Clam soup; roast fowls; peas; turnips; beans-Raspberry charlotte; green fritters.

Boiled ham; sweetbreads with cauliflowers; lima beans; tomatoes; baked egg-plant - Sunderlands; strawberries and cream.

Roast fillet of veal; smoked tongue; lima beans; tomatoes; stewed egg-plant - Sweet potatoe pudding; flavoured curds and whey.

Baked salmon; terrapin veal; chicken pie; sweet potatoes; lima beans; tomatoes - Charlotte pudding, strawberries and cream.

Chickens stewed whole; boiled ham; summer cabbage; beans; sweet potatoes - -Maccaroni pudding; raspberries and cream.

Roast beef; fried chickens; cauliflowers; tomatoes; lima beans; sweet potatoes - Cherry pie; custards.

Roast ducks with currant sauce; smoked tongue; stewed onions; lobster salad; stewed beans; peas-Boiled lemon pudding; strawberries and cream.

Boiled ham; tomato chickens; beans; turnips; egg plant; sweet potatoes - Sweet potatoe pudding; raspberries and cream.

Clam pie; stewed wild ducks; sweet potatoes; turnips; squashes; egg-plant - Peach pie: custards.

Salmon cutlets; chicken pie; smoked tongue; lima beans; sweet potatoes; squashes - Sweet potatoe pudding; floating island.

Chicken gumbo; boiled ham; young corn omelet; lima beans; sweet potatoes - Peach pie; flavoured curds and whey.

Roast pig with apple sauce; chicken pie; lima beans; tomatoes; young com omelet - Charlotte pudding; custard. Ochra soup; roast beef; tomatoes; lima beans; squashes; turnips - Squash pudding; fritters.

Stewed sea-bass; boiled ham; clam fritters; sweet potatoes; tomatoes; lima beans - Peach pie; boiled custard.

Baked salmon-trout; pigeon pie; tomatoes; lima beans; sweet potatoes; cucumbers - Sweet potatoe pudding; peaches and cream.