Baked Bean Soup

Soak a half pint of white beans overnight. In the morning turn off the water, and place them in an earthen dish with two or two and one-half quarts of boiling water; cover and let them simmer in a moderate oven four or five hours. Also soak overnight a tablespoonful of pearled tapioca in sufficient water to cover. When the beans are soft, rub through a colander, after which add the soaked tapioca, and salt 7 if desired; also as much powdered thyme as can be taken on the point of a penknife, and sufficient water to make the soup of proper consistency. Return to the oven, and cook one-half hour longer.

Bean And Tomato Soup

Take one pint of boiled or a little less of mashed beans, one pint of stewed tomatoes, and rub together through a colander. Add salt, two tablespoonfuls of nut meal, one-half cup of nicely steamed rice, and sufficient boiling water to make a soup of the proper consistency. Reheat and serve.

Black Bean Soup

Soak a pint of black beans overnight in cold water. When ready to cook, put into two and one-half quarts of fresh water, which should be boiling, and simmer until completely dissolved, adding more boiling water from time to time if needed. There should be about two quarts of all when done. Rub through a colander, add salt, and reheat. When hot, turn through a soup strainer, add two or more teaspoonfuls of lemon juice, and serve.

Bran Stock

For every quart of stock desired, boil a cup of good wheat bran in three pints of water for two or three hours, or until reduced one third. This stock may be made the base of a variety of palatable and nutritious soups by "flavoring with different vegetables and seasoning with salt. An excellent soup may be prepared by flavoring the stock with celery, or by the addition of a quantity of strained stewed tomato sufficient to disguise the taste of the stock. It is also valuable in giving consistency to soups, in the preparation of some of which it may be advantageously used in place of other liquid.

Combination Soup

This soup is prepared from material already cooked, and requires two cups of cracked wheat, one and. one-half cups of Lima beans, one-half cup of black beans, and one cup of stewed tomato. Rub the material together through a colander, adding, if needed, a little hot water to facilitate the sifting. Add boiling water to thin to the proper consistency, season with salt, and serve. Two tablespoonfuls of nut butter make a desirable addition.

Combination Soup No. 2

Take three and one-half cups of mashed (Scotch) pea's, one cup each of cooked rice, oatmeal, and hominy, and two cups of stewed tomato. Rub the material through a colander, add boiling water to thin to the proper consistency; season with salt, reheat, and add, just before serving, two cups of cooked macaroni.

Split Pea Soup

For each quart of soup desired, simmer a cupful of split peas very slowly in three pints of boiling water for six hours, or until thoroughly dissolved. When done, rub through a colander, add salt, reheat, and when boiling, stir into it two teaspoonfuls of flour rubbed smooth in a little cold water Boil until thickened, and serve. If preferred, the soup may be flavored with a little celery or onion.