"Take twelve snails, better house snails, and twelve earthworms, clean washed; boil them in a pint of new milk to half a pint, then pour it on one ounce of eryngo-root. Take some every night and morning".

For A Consumption

"Twenty-four garden snails, two sheep's trotters, half an ounce of comfrey-root, one quart of spring-water, a quart of milk; boil all together till reduced to half the quantity: take a cup of this every night and morning".

An Excellent Remedy For A Consumption

Take twenty snails, and a handful of broad daisies, and put in a quart of water, and gently boil it to a pint, take a spoonful every morning in some milk.†

"Water against a Consumption - Take a pound of currants, and of hart's tongue, liverwort, and speedwell, of each a large handful; then take a peck of snails, lay them all night in hyssop, the next morning rub and bruise them, and distill all in a gallon of new milk; sweeten it with sugar-candy, and drink of this water two or three times a day, a quarter of a pint at a time; it has done good".*

* 'Zoologia Medicinalis Hibernica,' by John Keogh. † ' The Housekeeper's Pocket-book,' by Mrs. Sarah Harrison of Devonshire (1751).