Take ox-eye daisy flowers, dried, a handful; snails, washed clean, numb three; candied eryngo-root, half an ounce; pearl-barley, two ounces; boil in spring-water from a pound to half a pound, and then strainforuse.

"This brings a supply of such soft and inoffensive nourishment, as gives no trouble to a weak constitution, and therefore is of service in consumptions, hectic fevers, etc., etc. The patient must drink four ounces of this warm, with an equal quantity of milk, twice a day".

In Ireland the snail, or "shellimidy," was recommended for many diseases, and "a water distilled from shell-snails in canary wine, in the month of May, is a great restorative in consumptions; also strengthens the liver; outwardly applied it is a cosmetic; it beautifies the face, and the volatile oil and spirit extracted from snails resist poison, open all manner of obstructions, cure the pleurisy, asthma, most disorders of the lungs, and, alter a wonderful manner, the consumption. Dose of the volatile salt, from grains six to twelve; of the spirit, from thirty to forty drops".*

The following recipes are from an old manuscript book; but though snails might be tolerated, I doubt any person having sufficient courage to try them with the addition of earthworms !