"Take a good quantitie of snailes with their shells upon them, and wash them very well, and then distill them in a common stillatorie; then take of the galles of Hares, Red currall, and Sugar-candie, and mingle them together with the said water, and then distill them againe; then take the same water, and put it into a glasse or viall, and when you will use it, take a drop thereof, and put it into your eyes both morning and evening, and it will help you".

Dr. William Salmon's Recipe For A Web In The Eye

""To remove this offence of sight, take the shell-snails and burn them to powder, beat it fine, and sift it, add to it the powder of cuttlebone; put these into alum-water where honey is dissolved, and shake them about: when the water is thick with the powder, drop some of it into the eye with a feather, keeping the lids closed a while and turn your eye to and fro, that it may fret off the film or skin that hinders the sight, and in often so doing it will wear it away".

Dr. Fuller, in his 'Pharmacopoeia,' recommends snails in scorbutic affections, and gives the following recipe for a consumption: -

Snail-Water Pectoral

"Take snails beaten to a mash with their shells, three pounds; crum of white bread, newly baked, twelve ounces; nutmeg, six drams; ground-ivy, six handfuls; whey, three quarts; distill it in a cold still, without burning. If I would have this water not so absolutely cold, I add brandy half a pint or a pint. This water humects, dilutes, supplies, tempers, nourishes, comforts, and therefore is highly conducive in hectic consumptive emaciations".

In Dr. John Quincy's 'Pharmacopoeia Officinalis, or a complete English Dispensatory,' are the following: -

Decoctwm Limacum, Or Decoction Of Snails

Take garden snails, cleansed from their shells, number twelve; red cows' milk, new, two pounds; boil to a pound; and add rose-water, an ounce; sugar-candy, half-an-ounce.

"It will be very difficult to boil this so long as to waste one-half, because it will be apt both to run over and burn to the bottom, and therefore must be stirred all the while; this quantity is ordered to be drank every morning, and is a noble restorative in consumptions, especially for young people".