"One pound of snails layed in salt and water for two days, and then cleaned and washed, a quarter of a pound of barley, three pennyworth of eryngo-root; boil all the above together, till they become a jelly, and let them be strained off. Half a pint night and morning for a grown person, and quarter of a pint for a child. It must be taken warm, and a little milk and sugar added after it is warmed. It is an excellent remedy for consumption and weakness".

* 'The Complete Cook'.

† 'A Queen's Delight,' etc., 1658.

"To make Snail Broth, - Take five snailhorn snails, clean them well with salt and water. Bruise them in a marble mortar, put them into a basin of weak mutton, or veal, or chicken broth; when boiled about five minutes, strain them off into your basin. When repeated, take ten, fifteen, or any number of snails to twenty, as the person's stomach can bear with".*

A modern authority, Francatelli, gives the following recipe in his 'Cook's Guide': -