2quarts water.

3pounds sugar.

1 quart fruit juice. Brandy, if you like.

Sweeten the water, strain any kind of fruit juice; add it and freeze. This requires a longer time to freeze than other ices. It is an improvement to stir in, when the ice is half frozen, the whites of three eggs, beaten stiff. The juice of currants, cherries and raspberries is delicious for this.

A Pretty Way To Serve Orange Ice

Cut a round top off the oranges; remove the inside without breaking the skin. Squeeze out the juice. Sweeten and strain. Add a little rum, one pint of water and two lemons to every half-dozen oranges. Freeze. Fill the skins just before serving. Put the lids on, and serve on plates with napkins under, and ornament the base with geranium leaves.

Or serve in orange baskets.

Arrowroot Ice

2 dessert spoonfuls arrow-root. 1/4 cupful cold water.

1 quart boiling water.

4 lemons.

1 pound sugar.

Dissolve the arrowroot in the cold water, pour on it slowly the boiling water; add the juice of the lemons, and the grated peel of one. Sweeten and freeze.

Peach Ice

12 peaches.

2 cupfuls sugar.

1 pint water.

3 eggs, whites only.

Break the peaches with a fork, and stir all the ingredients together, except the eggs, which should be beaten stiff and added when the mixture is half frozen.

One can of peaches may be substituted for the fresh fruit.