Rhubarb Pie No. 1

Cut rhubarb stalks into half-inch pieces. Pile high on a bottom crust, with thick layers of brown sugar. Add a few seedless raisins, if you like. Cover with crust. Cut a slit in the middle, and bake in a slow oven forty minutes. Test like apple pie.

N. B. As rhubarb is very juicy, be careful to pinch the edges of the crust carefully together, or the juice will run over the top.

Rhubarb Pie No. 2

Stew rhubarb and drain off the superfluous juice. Sweeten and bake as above, but in a quick oven.

Rhubarb Pie No. 3

Prepare like No. 2, but add to each pint 1pint sugar.

A little grated nutmeg.

4 tablespoonfuls fine cracker-crumbs.

2 eggs (yolks only).

The eggs must be beaten light before adding them.

Then work the whole to a smooth pulp. Bake without a top crust, and when done cover with a "Meringue."