1 heaping cupful butter. 2 cupfuls white sugar.

3 eggs (beaten light).

1/2 cupful milk.

1/2 teaspoonful soda. Flavoring to your fancy. Flour as little as will roll them out.

Rub the butter and sugar to a cream; add eggs, milk, soda and flavoring. Stir in the flour and turn out on a floured bread-board. Roll nearly half an inch thick, sprinkle with sugar, and press it in slightly. Cut into rounds with a large tin cutter; with a small cutter remove the centre of each, leaving rings to be baked. (The pieces that are cut out can be collected and rolled out again to cut more jumbles.)

Bake about twelve minutes in a hot oven, keeping the heat steady.

Another way to make them is to make a roll of the dough about as thick as your finder, twist it around and dip into sugar before laying it in the baking-pan.

Shrewsbury Cakes

1/2 pound butter.

3/4 pound sugar.

4 eggs (beaten light).

2 teaspoonfuls mace or cinnamon. l 1/2 pounds flour.

Mix in order. Beat very thoroughly before the flour goes in. Drop in spoonfuls on buttered tins. Sift sugar over them, and bake in a rather hot oven about fifteen minutes.

These are very fine.

Walnut Wafers

1/4 cupful butter. 1 cupful sugar. 1 egg (beaten light).

1 cupful flour.

1/2 pound English walnuts.

Cream the butter and sugar. Add the egg and flour. Chop the nuts very fine and stir them into the mixture. Drop the mixture from a spoon on to buttered tin sheets, and flatten with a wet stamp. Bake in a moderate oven.

This will make about two dozen.

If preferred, put in more flour and roll them out; but the first way is the best.

New Year's Cakes (Without Eggs)

2 1/2 pounds sugar. 1 1/4 pounds butter.

5 pounds flour.

1/2 cupful cold water.

1/2 cupful brandy. 2 tablespoonfuls coriander seed.

Rub butter and sugar to a cream. Add the flour, then the water and brandy, in which the seed has been soaking for half an hour. Knead well.

Roll out the dough half an inch thick, and cut out square cakes. Stamp them with fanciful figures. Bake about fifteen minutes in a moderate oven, a very light color. If they brown too much before they are done, cover them with a thick paper.

These are delicious, and will keep for six months. A large quantity.

Kisses Or Meringues

4 eggs (whites only). 2 1/2 cupfuls pulverized sugar. 1/2 tablespoonful cornstarch.

1/2 teaspoonful cream of tartar, dry.

Beat eggs and sugar together till very stiff. It may take half an hour. Then mix in the other things. Drop from a fork in little heaps on a sugared paper laid in a pan, twirling the fork to give a good shape. Take care to put them so as not to touch each other. They will not run together if beaten long enough. Bake in a very slow oven for about an hour. Watch them carefully. They should be a delicate yellow. Take them off the paper while warm. Makes two dozen.

Cream Meringues. Bake the above mixture in a •very hot oven about three minutes. Scoop out part of the inside, fill with "Whipped Cream" and stick them together two and two.


Make "Kisses." Have ready a quarter of a pound of almonds. "Blanch" them and crush like coarse sand. Just before putting the cakes in the oven, scatter the almonds over the surface of each. Bake in a hot oven not more than three minutes, watching them carefully. Makes two dozen.

Cocoanut Drop Cakes

1 cupful grated cocoanut. 1/2 cupful sugar (pulverized).

1 tablespoonful flour.

2eggs, whites only.

Beat all well together. Drop from a teaspoon on to a sugared paper, leaving a space between. Bake in a quick oven about fifteen minutes. They will spread in the pan. Do not let them brown.


1 pound almonds "blanched." A little rose water.

1 pound sugar pulverized. 7 eggs, whites only.

It is best to prepare the almonds the day before, as it is a tedious process. Put them in a mortar and pound fine, adding the rose-water by degrees. When worked to a smooth paste, stir in the sugar. When ready to make the cakes, beat the eggs stiff; then add to them the almond paste. Drop by spoonfuls on a delicately buttered or sugared paper, laid over a pan. Leave a good space between them. Sprinkle sugar over the cakes, or brush them over with the white of an egg to make them smooth. Bake delicately in a slow oven about twenty minutes, watching them carefully.

Crullers (No. 1)

1 cupful sugar. 3/4 cupful butter.

4 eggs.

Flour enough to roll out.

Mix in order. Roll out half an inch thick. Cut and braid, or make into any fancy shapes you choose.

Boil in deep lard like "Fritters." Sift sugar over them while hot.

No. 2.

1 cupful sugar.

1 egg.

1 cupful milk.

2tablespoonfuls melted butter.

1 teaspoonful soda dissolved. 1 tablespoonful vinegar.

Flour enough to roll out.

Flavor to taste.

Beat the sugar and egg together. Add milk and butter. Dissolve the soda in the vinegar, and mix it in after a little of the flour has been put in; also the flavoring. Proceed as above.