Boiled Spinach

As spinach shrinks very much in cooking be sure to buy plenty. A peck is not too much for a family of seven. Wash well, and pick it over carefully, as it is liable to be gritty. Put it into boiling salted water, enough to fill the pot; for unless a great deal of water is used, the spinach will be bitter. Boil half an hour. When tender, drain thoroughly, pressing with a plate. Chop it fine, adding a piece of butter. Dish and smooth the top. Lay on the top, two hard-boiled eggs, cut in thick slices. Serve vinegar with it.

Spinach A La Creme

Boil as above, and rub through a colander, after pressing the water off. Season with pepper and salt. Put into a sauce-pan with a small piece of butter, and a little cream. Boil up well, stirring all the time, and dish. Garnish with sliced hard-boiled eggs, if you like.