Procure three one-pound slices very fresh red salmon and place in a sautoire one beside another. Add half a sliced carrot, two rings of onions, a branch parsley, clove, two bay leaves and two slices lemon. Moisten with a half gill each vinegar and white wine, pour in just sufficient cold water to cover fish, season with a teaspoon salt, two saltspoons pepper, cover pan and let infuse in cool place for six hours. Set pan on corner of range and as soon as broth begins to boil remove to a cool place and allow to cool off thoroughly. Meanwhile prepare mayonnaise (No. 70), adding to it three melted gelatine leaves, two tablespoons hot milk, and briskly whisk all together for two minutes. Lift up slices of salmon, neatly wipe with cloth and place on a grating one beside another. Evenly spread mayonnaise over slices so that entire top of each slice will be smoothly covered.

Place grating and fish in ice box until thoroughly firm, which will take about an hour, and remove grating to table. Cut a medium truffle in quarter-moon-shaped pieces and decorate top of each slice with it, carefully lift up slices from grating, neatly arrange on cold dish over a folded napkin and fill up hollow space of each slice with finely cut up jelly. Arrange on dish around fish twelve small heart-shaped canapes of Russian caviare, alternating with three cold, hard-boiled eggs cut in quarters, then serve.