3243. Salad. Mrs. Duval

Cut in nice julienne strips two sound, medium-sized truffles, three canned artichoke bottoms, a very sound, firm, cored and peeled apple, the heart of a stalk of very fresh, well-cleaned, thoroughly drained crisp white celery cut in half-inch pieces, a good-sized, sound, boiled, minced, cold potato, six heaping tablespoons cooked, thoroughly drained, cold, fresh asparagus tips (or canned if no fresh at hand). Place all these articles in a vessel and gently shuffle them. Drop over gradually a good tablespoon olive oil, light tablespoon strained lemon juice, then sprinkle over three saltspoons salt, two saltspoons paprika and a half teaspoon freshly chopped parsley. Gently and carefully mix all well together, transfer to a salad bowl, arrange four light tablespoons mayonnaise (No. 70) over centre, send to table and gently mix for a moment before eating.

3244. Lobster Salad, Mrs. Allen

Split lengthwise two fine, freshly boiled and thoroughly cooled medium lobsters. Crack claws and carefully pick meat from shells of bodies and claws, being careful to discard intestines and pouch, cut meat in equal-sized square pieces and place in a salad bowl. Shell three cold hard-boiled eggs, lay on a plate, chop up finely and add to lobster. Finely chop up two small, sound, peeled shallots, sprinkle over lobster and eggs, then sprinkle over a teaspoon very finely chopped parsley, light teaspoon of finely chopped chives (ciboulette), and gently shufrle the contents of bowl. Chop up very fine half a head fresh, well cleaned and dried lettuce, add to bowl, lightly mix again, season with, three and a half tablespoons dressing (No. 863) and mix whole well together. Just before serving add three tablespoons mayonnaise (No. 70), gently mix again, wipe edges of bowl all around and send to table.

3245. Lobster Salad, Rae

Split lengthwise two medium-sized, freshly boiled and cooled lobsters, crack claws, carefully pick out meat from shells of bodies and claws, remove intestines and pouch, then cut meat into rather small, equal, square pieces and place in a salad bowl. Peel and chop up fine as possible two very small, sound shallots, add to lobster and mix a little. Finely chop up three cold hard-boiled eggs, add to lobster and gently shuffle contents of bowl. Chop very fine a root well-pared and thoroughly cleaned celery, using nothing but the white, thoroughly drain in a napkin and add to bowl, with a light teaspoon finely chopped parsley and half teaspoon finely chopped chives (if handy). Season with two teaspoons salt, a teaspoon very finely and freshly crushed white pepper, three and a half tablespoons dressing (No. 863), mix well, and just before sending to table add three good tablespoons freshly prepared mayonnaise (No. 70). Gently mix the whole well together, neatly wipe edges of salad bowl with a napkin and serve.

3246. Russian Salad

Cut in small squares twelve anchovies in oil, the meat from a small, cold, cooked lobster, twelve shelled, cooked, cold shrimp, a cooked, medium carrot, cooked turnip and a cold boiled potato. Place all these articles in a salad bowl, add three tablespoons cooked, cold string beans cut in short pieces, two tablespoons cooked asparagus tips, a tablespoon capers and six sliced pickles. Sprinkle over a half teaspoon finely chopped chervil, teaspoon chopped tarragon, season with three tablespoons dressing (No. 863), mix thoroughly, add two tablespoons mayonnaise (No. 70) and mix well again. Neatly clean and thoroughly drain six small white leaves of lettuce, place a light half teaspoon Russian caviare on each, nicely arrange around sides of bowl and serve.