Grapes in Cream (2369)

Oatmeal Porridge (2)

Omelette with Oysters

Broiled Smoked Salmon (1836)

Brochette of Mutton Kidneys

Potatoes Allumettes (196)

Puffs (313)

2599. Omelette With Oysters

Crack eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add a half gill cream, half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons pepper, and sharply beat up with fork for two minutes. Place eighteen freshly opened oysters in a saucepan with their liquor and one gill water, season with three saltspoons salt and saltspoon cayenne, let boil for three minutes and skim off froth from surface. Mix in another small saucepan a tablespoon butter with tablespoon flour. Strain the liquor of the oysters into this pan, sharply mix with whisk until it comes to a boil, then let boil for five minutes. Dilute an egg yolk with a tablespoon cream and the juice of quarter of a lemon and add to the sauce, sharply mixing while cooking one minute, then add oysters, mix well and keep hot. Thoroughly heat a tablespoon melted butter in a black frying pan, drop in eggs, sharply mix at bottom with fork for two minutes, then let rest for half minute; fold up opposite sides to meet in centre, let rest for one minute, turn on a hot dish, pour oysters and sauce over omelette and serve.

2600. Brochette Of Mutton Kidneys

Tear skin off twelve very fresh mutton kidneys, then cut in quarter-inch-thick slices crosswise. Cut out an equal number of pieces raw lean bacon, same size but very thin, season kidneys with a half teaspoon each salt and pepper and turn well in the seasoning. Arrange kidneys and bacon alternately on six skewers, roll them in a tablespoon oil, then in bread crumbs. Arrange on a double broiler and broil over a brisk fire for four minutes on each side, dress on a hot dish, pour a little melted butter over and serve.


Clam Chowder (331)

Canapes, Lorenzo (538)

Ham Saute with Red Peppers

Noodles in Cream (238)

Maraschino Pudding (1772)

2601. Ham Saute With Red Peppers

Cut from a raw ham, crosswise, three slices of ten ounces each and neatly trim off skin all around. Heat thoroughly two tablespoons oil in a sautoir, arrange slices in pan one beside another, cook for eight minutes on each side, lift up and dress on a dish.

Split six Spanish red peppers in halves, place them in the sautoir and fry for two minutes on each side, remove and place on top of the ham. Remove oil from pan, pour into it half a gill water, a gill tomato sauce (No. 16), two tablespoons sherry and half teaspoon chopped parsley. Mix well at the bottom to detach ham glaze, let reduce to half the quantity, then pour it over ham and serve.