Stewed Rhubarb (73) Pettijohn Food (170) Fried Eggs, Luganese Broiled Smoked Salmon

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1835. Fried Eggs, Luganese

Lightly butter an enamelled shirred-egg dish,line the bottom with very thin slices Swiss cheese, crack twelve fresh eggs over the cheese, season with half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons white pepper and a saltspoon grated nutmeg. Pour a gill cream over, sprinkle a tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese on top, then set in oven five minutes. Remove and place dish on fire one minute. Remove to a table, place in a frying pan one ounce butter and two tablespoons bread crumbs, toss on fire until a nice light brown, pour over the eggs and serve.

1836. Broiled Smoked Salmon

Cut twelve slices from a piece of smoked salmon one-fifth of an inch thick, arrange on a double broiler, lightly baste slices with a little melted butter, then broil two minutes on each side. Remove, dress on a dish, pour a very little melted butter over, decorate with six quarters of lemon and a little parsley greens and serve.


Potage, Bouillabaisse Scallops en Coquilles (212)

Banana Omelette Turkey Hash en Bordure (953) Farina Pudding (1005)

1837. Potage, Bouillabaise

Finely mince three leeks and two white onions, place in a saucepan with two tablespoons oil and gently brown ten minutes, then add two beans crushed garlic, two branches parsley, three tablespoons flour, and stir well while heating two minutes. Pour in a quart fresh, ripe, crushed tomatoes, two quarts water, two teaspoons salt, half teaspoon pepper, two saltspoons Spanish saffron, one bay leaf, a sprig thyme and one clove. Mix well and let boil fifteen minutes, add one and a half pounds fresh fish bones, boil twenty-five minutes longer. Strain the soup through a sieve into a basin, then through a Chinese strainer into another saucepan. Break two ounces spaghetti in inch-long pieces, add to the soup and let boil twenty-five minutes. Remove, pour into a soup tureen and serve.

1838. Banana Omelette

Crack eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add a half gill cream, a half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons white pepper. Sharply beat with fork two minutes. Finely slice two peeled bananas, place in a frying pan with tablespoon melted butter and fry five minutes, briskly tossing meanwhile. Drop in the eggs, sharply mix with fork two minutes, let rest a half minute, fold up sides to meet in the centre, let rest one minute, then turn on a hot dish and serve.