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2345. Omelette With Whitebait

Crack eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add a half gill milk, half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons pepper, and sharply beat up with fork for two minutes. Cut off heads and tails of three ounces fresh whitebait, wash and thoroughly drain on a cloth. Thoroughly heat a tablespoon melted butter in a frying pan, drop in the whitebait and briskly fry for five minutes, tossing them meanwhile. Sprinkle over two saltspoons salt, then add the eggs, briskly stir for two minutes with fork and let rest for half a minute; fold up the opposite sides to meet in the centre, let rest for one minute, turn on a hot dish and serve.

2346. Cornmeal Dodgers

Place a pint of milk in a saucepan with three saltspoons salt, set on fire, and as soon as it comes to a boil dredge in half pound Indian cornmeal, briskly mixing while adding, then let boil six minutes, lightly stirring at the bottom once in a while. Add one ounce butter, one egg yolk and half saltspoon grated nutmeg, sharply mix for one minute, remove, drop the preparation in a dish and let cool off. Divide the batter into twelve even parts, give them oval-shape forms, place in a lightly buttered baking sheet, lightly baste with a little melted butter and set in a slack oven for twenty minutes. Remove, split them open without detaching, spread a little good butter into each, dress on a dish enveloped in a napkin and serve.


Vermicelli, Indian Style

Devilled Shrimps

Sausages with Fried Bananas (1058)

Salade Orpheline

Peach Shortcakes (2016)

2347. Vermicelli, Indian Style

Place in a saucepan one sliced carrot, one sliced onion, two branches parsley, one branch chervil, one sprig thyme, two bay leaves, one clove, one nutmeg leaf, a sprig marjoram, four crushed tomatoes, five pints water and two pounds fresh heads of fish bones, then let slowly boil for one hour. Strain the broth through a double cheesecloth into another saucepan and let again come to a boil. Add three ounces crushed vermicelli, a teaspoon salt, one teaspoon curry powder and three salt-spoons pepper, lightly mix and boil for twenty minutes. Pour into a soup tureen and serve.

2348. Devilled Shrimps

Shell one and a half pounds fresh-cooked shrimps, cut them in small pieces and place in a bowl; add four tablespoons bread crumbs, one-half ounce of butter, the juice of half a sound lemon, half teaspoon salt, half teaspoon French mustard, one tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, two saltspoons cayenne pepper, two beaten eggs and one gill cream. Mix well and place the whole in a baking dish, sprinkle a little bread crumbs over, then set in the oven for fifteen minutes. Remove and serve.

2349. Salade Orpheline

Skin, bone and cut six good-sized sardines into quarter-inch pieces, place in a bowl, adding six cold, hard-boiled eggs cut in quarters, one good-sized peeled apple cored and cut in thin slices, and three peeled, boiled potatoes cut into thin slices. Season with four tablespoons salad dressing (No. 863) adding half a teaspoon freshly chopped chives. Mix all well, and serve.